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Wardrobe (under) Construction

Before I start I have to admit this step started with enthusiasm, turned into regret , ended with 3 glasses of wine and a-whole-lotta PRIDE. This is the final step before we reach destination DREAM WARDROBE; time to get down and dirty. My advice would be to take an entire day or even a full… Continue reading Wardrobe (under) Construction

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Define Your Style

Welcome back to the second part of our wardrobe clear out. Step one we dedicated to the rules and getting to know our style. In step two we will define it. After completing the first step, I want to know: What does style mean to you? Go back to your new mood board and by… Continue reading Define Your Style


Bra today, gone tomorrow

Now ladies, let's face it, if someone gives me a slight oppertunity not to wear a bra, honey, I'm going to take it. This is trend is definitely part of the top 10 trends to try. It is all about the neckline, goodbye boring necklines and hello to the plunging and dramatic necklines. A perfect fit for the sophisticated-but-still-damn-sexy girls… Continue reading Bra today, gone tomorrow