Pore your heart out – Product Review

Another day, another product.

So my skin decided to be Oprah for the month and hand out pimples like it’s a Christmas special – YOU GET A PIMPLE, YOU GET A PIMPLE AND YOU GET A PIMPLE, EVERY INCH OF YOUR SKIN GETS A PIMPLE!!! #rantover

On the last skin care post I spoke about pigmentation, now, add a dry-sensitive skin to the mix and you get my situation.

Anyway, so my mom came to me and said one of my sisters gave her this little gadget, but she believes I might need it more…  – (queue the jaw drop) first I thought, thanks hey. now: I LOVE YOU!


This little blue box became my new obsession: Sorbet “Pore your heart out” Facial Cleanser. This little gadget is phenomenal and in this box of blessings you will find:

  • portable handheld object with a stand.
  • The little stand doubles as a storage case for two brush heads.
  • Daily cleansing brush head
  • Sensitive silicone brush head
  • Exfoliating brush head
  • And a charger – easy to use, plug in the USB cable, wait for the blue light when done charging and you have about 3 hours of use for you.


How it works:

Well it is quite simple: I use my Neutrogena Hydroboost micellar water cleanser to remove my make up, then I apply my face wash directly on the brush and add a bit of water. Switch it on and apply to my skin, moving in a circular motion over my entire face, rinse with water, add some moisturizer and I’m done. The daily cleanser is perfect for well, daily use, but I try to rotate between the daily cleansing brush and the sensitive silicone brush, opting for the exfoliating brush once or twice a week. Sometimes I just exfoliate my stubborn areas. (normally my chin)

Don’t forget to clean the brush after every use – a bit of Dettol soap and hot water, shake off most of the water and let it air dry. Before use, I do soak it for about 5 min in boiling hot water to kill any bacteria that might still be on the brush. You can use your face wash as well, I’m just a little dettol obsessed. 

All the brushes are amazing: they are gentle enough on the skin for getting the job done without being too harsh. The exfoliating brush, does just that, it exfoliates like nothing I have ever tried before. Tip: follow the regime mentioned above, use the exfoliating brush, add a moisturizing face mask, rinse, moisture and enjoy the glow.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Keep in mind: when using a new facial product, a breakout is bound to happen, but stick with it ladies. My blackheads disappeared, my skin feels as soft as a baby’s bottom and the glow, Honey, the glow is real.

This dolphin shaped treasure is a must have in my opinion. For only R319.00 at Clicks or you can find it online…

Take care of your skin, you will never regret it, and keep glowing.




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