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Shaping Up

The beautiful thing about Winter: you get to cover up those body parts you are not so fond of. I know the feeling of wearing every single garment you own, in an attempt to not freeze my ass off. First and foremost we need a good coat.

Forget the latest trend, let’s focus on getting you the right silhouette for your body shape.

Question number 1: Do you consider yourself to be short or tall – in Afrikaans: ‘n stofpoeper of ‘n hemelbesem?

The answer is quite simple – long coats work best for taller people and shorter coats for shorter girls.

  1. Short coats  – Like the blazer or shorter lengths are perfect for our short and petite girls, also for spring/autumn when it is not that cold outside.
  2. Medium coats – when the coat ends mid thigh. The perfect option for petite and shorter ladies looking for a bit more cover during those cold days without drowning in it.
  3.  ¾ coats – they end just above or just below the knee. The most flattering length for women and especially on average height people.
  4. Long coats – These are perfect for our taller girls, average length girls can also get away with them, but keep in mind they are best when shaped at the waist. (not just belted, but A-line or cinched in at the waist = perfection)

Question number two: Do you know your body shape and how to find a coat fit for you?

I would like to focus on the 5 different shapes we are familiar with, please find your shape below and a few Ideas to style them, keeping your length in mind.

hourglass1. Hourglass

The most admired shape of them all. You are well balanced from bustline to hips, a defined waist that gracefully curves out to the hip. You need to  flaunt that figure by opting for tailored shapes, cinched in waistlines and you have to completely avoid all styles that hides those shape.

triangle2. Inverted Triangle

You tend to carry weight on top, making the bottom half of your figure smaller. You have little definition from the waist down to the hips with straight or squared shoulders. Try styles to balance your figure out, A-line shapes are perfect for you – channel vintage trends, but avoid styles with drama that accentuates your shoulders – you  don’t want to broaden them.

straight3. Rectangle (straight)

This is quite basic to explain, you have a straight figure meaning there is little definition in the waist. You will look amazing in unstructured, gentle shapes, try colour blocking, but avoid a detailed waist.

pear4. Pear 

The most common female body shape, this is when your hips are wider than your shoulders – smaller bust with bigger hips. When dressing focus the attention upwards, go for structure or even a wide silhouette is a good choice. But please avoid fussy items or embellishments around the hips.

apple5. Apple

The last fruit of figures are known for a fuller mid section. You are blessed with great legs, carrying the weight in your upper body. The best silhouettes for your shape are V-neck cuts or an empire waist, coats/jackets that end at the just below your widest part will have you looking like Twiggy but stay away from details around your bust line, nothing too straight or too fitted.


The most important thing to remember is to balance out your figure:

  1. when you are top heavy, add drama to the bottom Like eg. A -Line
  2. When you are bottom heavy, add drama to the top eg. cinch in waist, draw the eye to the bust.

Please remember these are only style suggestions for your shape, if you disagree or would like more assistance with styling this winter comment below or drop me a mail.

Stay warm, stay fabulous




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