From Pigment to Perfect.

The best foundation we can wear is healthy, glowing skin.

When you find yourself staring at the cover of magazines, one can’t help but notice that glow, confidently displayed by the cover star. Yes, this is due to great Photoshop techniques and an amazing makeup artist. BUT, let’s gives credit where credit is due: most of them take pride is great skin care.

To some this seems like an easy task, but for me – HELL NO!! I know skin care is an investment, take it from tannie JLO, do you think her skin looks amazing because she enjoys the results of under priced products? Again, no! Having that said, I pride myself of obtaining a budget friendly life, that is why I freak out when I need to make a “skin-care-investment”, because I don’t even understand half the lingo skin care guru’s sling around and, frankly, they use making me feel like an idiot.

Luckily by now, I know I have “pigmented skin”, but back in the day I never knew what this meant. (Obviously you need to know what it is before you know how to treat it, right?) So today let’s talk Pigmentation!

What is Pigmentation?

 Your skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin. Special cells in the skin make melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production. Some pigmentation disorders affect just patches of skin.” – #thanksgoogle

So in a nut shell: Pigmentation refers to an uneven complexion.

Good news though, if you also suffer from this, it can be treated! But before you rush off  to a clinic for a, highly recommended, chemical peel, let’s focus on what you can change to help your skin on its recovery process.

download (2)SPF, SPF, SPF – Even during winter it is important to protect your skin from the natural elements around you, I’ve been applying sunscreen religiously, come summer or winter, for about 2 years now and my skin started improving remarkably within weeks.

fruit-acid-peelinVit A – Focus on the labels when you buy a product, stay away from perfumed products and make sure you have Vitamin A in your product of choice. This increases the collagen production; in return it reduces fine lines, improves the texture of your skin and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Vit C – Filled with antioxidants it is perfect for a natural and gentle exfoliator. It reduces melanin production; this means it reduces pigmentation, blemishes and fine lines.

I try to have a good me- time session by applying a moisturizing and deep cleansing mask at least every second Sunday.

We all want to look as young as possible for as long as possible – enjoy good skin care and you might look 20 years old by the time you reach the beautiful age of 40.

images (3)

If you would like more information for your specific skin type, follow the link and do the online skin assessment by answering the easy questions ,as honest as possible, and even enjoy their recommendations.

Okay, let us take a break for now and focus on changing some small habits.

During the next few weeks I will share my journey to better skin, a few product must haves and a few tricks for home remedies.



all images are from research and on internet sites, for my personal progress images stay tuned.


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