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a Winter Dinner Date – sop-vir-jou

It’s the season for staying in, enjoying food and keeping warm. Now, I love soup and this time around I wanted to try something new, so I invited my best friend over to be a food critic for the night.

Our meal: Potato, broccoli and cheese soup

You will need:

  1.  2 small broccoli heads, finely chopped.
  2.  2 – 3 large carrots, pealed and chopped
  3.  4 medium sized potatoes pealed and diced
  4.  1 tps onion soup powder.
  5.  4 cups chicken stock.
  6.  ¼ cup of flour
  7. 4 cups of milk
  8.  garlic salt
  9. pepper
  10.  3 tbsp butter
  11. 4 cups of cheddar cheese
  12.  some bacon bits – because bacon is life!

Now that we have our ingredients, you will need your bestie to get the wine on the way.

After you prepped and showered, it’s time to get started:

Step 1: In a large pot combine the chicken stock, onion soup powder, carrots and potatoes. Bring that to a boil and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

While that simmers, get the table ready.  Initially it was just the two of us, but setting an 8 seater for two people seemed so sad, luckily another friend and her brother decided to join our tummy-filling-festivities, making my 4 seater worth it.


Step 2:  Next you add the broccoli to the mix and have that simmer for another 10 minutes.

unnamed (12)

Step 3: While that simmers, get another pot started on the side and add the butter. When the butter has melted, add the flour. Slowly add the milk until it thickens. Then add the cheese, constantly stirring, when that has melted spice with garlic salt and pepper. If you prefer a thinner consistency just add more milk.

Step 4: The broccoli, potato and carrot mixture will still be simmering, but that gives you enough time to get the bacon ready.

unnamed (13)

Step 5: Now that the water has started to dissolve, add the chessy mixture to the pot and let that heat up.

Fill your glass and have your friends join the table, dish some soup and sprinkle with bacon to enjoy. Also, please don’t bargain that you will be able to save some soup for the freezer. Nope, that’s not happening, honey.


Till next time.



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