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Hi guys, long time I know, but let’s blame it on an inspiration block, some bad connection and don’t forget our public holidays.  – on that note: don’t you agree that these public holidays are fun, but damn, they rob me from motivation…

Anyway, so last night I had the privileged to join a few of my fellow fashion lovers at the 4th official pop up event and fashion show for OnTrend SA; an online fashion boutique for South African designers. Started in 2015, they set a platform for local designers to showcase and sell their product, focusing on limited items, offering the client unique commodity with good quality (no mass production here people!!)

Sadly this is my first solo event and being deprived of direction, even though I grew up in Cape Town, I felt a bit nervous. Driving through this beautiful tree tunnel to the entrance of a gorgeous property in Bishopscourt, I couldn’t help myself but be taken aback by the exquisite view that set the stage for a fabulous event. Seriously words can’t describe the beauty, not even these images can justify it. 

The nights started with me gazing through the pop up stores, jewelry everywhere from handcrafted pieces made in Kenya, the name Soul was a perfect fit.

ATTENTION LADIES: We can confirm chockers are still a huge trend, even at the event, with Mieka Ola focusing on that and Sunkissed had a variety of accessories, both lines were beautiful and, the best part, affordable. Gypsy with their charming and pretty collection had me captivated for a while. But Soixante Neuf Jewels by Joie Jager stole the show, in my opinion.

If you are able to splurge on some amazing hand crafted, gold and silver plated designs please do yourself a favor and check her out. (all links to websites mentioned below.)

Before I continue, I need to stop and take a moment for Taylor Covington and My Shades, bags made to perfection and sunglasses for anyone and everyone.

From lingerie – poor runway models were freezing, to swimwear by Peaches and Beachcult swimwear, all really amazing, but my personal preference will have to be Beachcult.  They had high waisted, ruffles and so many prints – all the elements I adore.

Mieka Ola showcased a range perfect for ladies with fabulous legs, from playsuits, cute crop tops and well made skirts, also for me with not-such-fab-legs. Pretty Young Thing had garments made to perfection using denim off cuts – so cool and well crafted. With jumpsuits, wrap dresses, more playsuits and velvet dresses to die for – all in all the show was impressive.

I think the entire event was amazing,  I really only had two things to complain about: 1. it was chilly, I should have known better than wearing a see through chiffon number – IDIOT. Number 2 one model, bless her little heart, wore the ugliest white shoes… Now ,don’t get me wrong different strokes for different folks, but all the girls wore black, see through or nude heals BUT ONE, one had to be different and honestly it spoiled a few looks for me…okay, rant over…

Thank you onTrend SA for a super event, to the designers who showcased their work well done, the gentleman who opened his home to strangers (WHAT A PLACE) and to all the guests who attended, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

unnamed (30)

Please remember the comments above are based on my own personal opinion and you do not have to agree, check out the links below on most of the brands or go directly to the ontrend website for more SHOPPING!!!















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