Braid and Twist

Another day, another braid…

I don’t think I will ever stop loving braids, fit for any occasion whether it is a casual day out with the girls or a formal event like a wedding, braids can transform your look instantly.

Please keep in mind the length of your hair will definitely influence the outcome of the look. But don’t be discouraged if you have shorter hair, I have a natural long bob with a gazillion layers.

Today I want to take a look tried by many and give it a little twist. If you haven’t seen the headband-twisted-up do, here you go, my inspiration for today:

This is a 5min look I am obsessed with, but today I want to change it up a little.

you will need:

  1. small elastics – about 3
  2. bobbypins – please make sure you use a colour closest to your natural hair colour (if you are blonde stay away from black bobby pins PLEASE!!!!)
  3. hair spray.

step 1: Section

You will need to divide the hair into 3 sections, I path my hair down the middle to frame my face, but you can do a side path as well – your prerogative. From there, separate two smaller sections along the face for your braids and tie the rest back for now.

Step 2: Braid your side sections

Start by braiding the loose side sections in a french braid and continue the braid all the way, using one of your elastics tie the braid up – yes, at this moment you will look like a complete fool or like you just escaped from the new IT movie. REGARDLESS – If this is the result – well done! You are on the right track. please note: photo to be taken in robe for effect.

Step 3: Tie it back

Take the ends of both braids and tie it together. You can remove the elastics that separates the braids but I think it keeps the braids in tact while you work. Loosen the section at the back, making sure the braid is over it not under. (while taking the photos I wanted to look like an idiot and show you this step 2 – clearly not a mathematician, but I do look like the idiot though)

Step 4: Tuck it back

Now that we finished the braided headband it is time to tuck it back, just like the inspiration at the top: take smaller sections over the braid from the bottom and tuck it under the braid from the top. Do this on both sides till you have a smaller section in the back and tuck it in the same way. Tip for longer hair: gather the hair close to the ends and tie it with an elastic before you tuck it back.

Step 5: Secure the look

Finally you can secure the look with bobby pins if you need to and finish it of by not being shy with the hair spray.

Go ahead and try it; love it or hate it let me know by leaving a comment below or send me a private message. Till next time.





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