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Flab to Fab

Accept it or deny it: we all have our own demons, our own fears and our own insecurities. Today I would like to share my journey – a personal one, a weight one.

In our current society it’s all about a quick trick, a diet here, a supplement there, but when was the  last time that we heard a realistic weight-loss story? A roller coaster journey about changing your lifestyle, not skipping a meal? Well, this is my story 27kg later…

As a child, I considered myself to be a happy, fun, adventurous soul and then school happened. I tried my best to fit in with the “cool” kids, but to this day I don’t think that ever happened. – it might sound like a pity party, but please note: in all honesty to this day I couldn’t care less.

I have always had an issue with weight; always wanted to be skinny like the rest of the group, even though looking back now, I don’t understand how I considered myself “fat” – regardless of the stupid bully who mentioned it growing up  – I wish I knew better, but that’s the thing as a child you don’t. CAUTION: I don’t care who you are if I am to accidentally hear you body shame another, I will go full bitch on your ass…

if you would like to read more aboutthe personal damages caused by bullies follow this link:

After High School I went to Stellenbosch University, still being the idiotic people pleaser I became known for, I could never say no – not to a party, not to a Bohemian pizza – best pizza by the way,  not to McDonalds after a late night. The word “no” just never became apart of my vocabulary and then I became just another one to fall under “eerstejaar sindroom” , a term used by all – in your first year at collage or university you gain a-whole-lotta weight.

I became depressed, felt useless and ugly, but I can assure you no one knew. I became the self-appointed ugly friend, I did stupid things and made mistakes due to my own insecurities, my own depression and my own choice! It’s like the snowball effect until you hit rock bottom, face first. I lost many amazing friends thanks to this, but I guess we learn the hard way.

My sister faced the same issues regarding weight and “letting go”, but in 2010 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor – shocked and not sure what to expect she decided to do something about her weight and joined weigh-less.  – weight affects brain pressure #funfact.

After seeing her results, I decided it is time to do the same. The first time I failed, I felt even worse about myself till one day I had to realise: this is me, this is my decision, only I can change it and I am the only only one able to quit my eating addiction.

REALLY IMPORTANT: stop putting pressure on your friend, your spouse or your children to loose weight. Weight- loss is a personal decision to be made, no one can make you do it, no one can do it for you – you need to decide, you need to motivate yourself and you need to change.

After I made the decision, I paid my joining fee and devoted myself to weigh-less – a 10 step formula designed to teach you to eat constantly, but to make healthier choices and to focus on your portion sizes. Yes, I cheated along the way, but I DID IT. I lost 27kg by only changing my eating habits (it’s not a diet – ITS A LIFESTYLE) Keep in mind, during this time I did not exercise at all, I only focused on eating well. Some weeks were easy and some were tough, sometime the motivation goes out the window when your body hits a plateau  and the shameful personal mind games return, but you need to keep your chin up, it gets better, it gets easier and then it becomes a routine. fat 0 – you 1

unnamed (4)

I know, for some,  it might be a little expensive to join at the moment, but if, like myself, you need an extra boost of motivated and you hate “dieting”  by yourself  (there is no shame in that), save up and try weigh-less.

Things I learned with Weigh- less:

  1. How to eat correctly – the right portion sizes, the right combinations.
  2. To starve yourself will help you for a day, but you will gain the next.
  3. TO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT EATING – if I crave anything, I will eat it and I will enjoy it. 
  4. food is fuel. Eat constantly to stay on the go constantly.
  5. It is okay to be selfish, to take care of yourself before you care about what others might say or feel towards you.
  6. to say no!

It took me 27 years to finally become who I am: I am healthy, I am confident, I am sexy, I am happy and most importantly I am me…

Feel free to contact me if you would like to chat weight loss, if you need motivation or if you need a buddy to help you with your own personal journey.




2 thoughts on “Flab to Fab

    1. Hi Sara, well done for reaching your goal, I do think for that you deserve a huge applause. – that is the hardest part…

      I have to say maintaining my weight was a struggle at first, but in my case it is a mind game. (I’m an emotional eater) I have a picture of myself when I was at my heaviest in my cupboard to remind me of a place I don’t want to go back to. – If you decide to do this, don’t bully the you in the picture, but find a way to compliment the new you every morning, it might sound lame, but it works.

      Also, If I “crave” something I have it and I enjoy it, if it is a pizza I will have 2/3 slices instead of the entire thing… I think if you stay clear from food you use to enjoy the cravings will worsen and you will end up binge eating at some point…

      You can try eating “clean” during the week and treat yourself over weekends.

      I hope that helped, if you need anything else feel free to contact me.




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