the show down – Nuviante vs Quick grow

They say changing your hair is as good as a holiday – a new look, new me kind of experience. I tend to agree; there is nothing better than going to your hairdresser and walking out with fresh confidence. That is if you can find one that truly listens to you, well I have –

I made her do it all: from blonde to brunette, short to long, straight cut to Asymmetrical and even bangs – you know that moment you think mmmm let’s cut bangs, I’m sure it will look amazing, until you do and  well, shit…

This journey started about a year ago when I was asked to do a review on Nuviante, a hair supplement in capsule form for hair growth. Now, firstly,  I have to say I am kind of useless when I need to take medication I tend to forget, but this time I decided to invest myself into the product and I did religiously. This also came at a time when my hair started to fall out – thank you gluten, so fearing for being bald by the age of 29, I went all in – daily supplement and changed my diet, as well as less heat styling. Recommended use: 2 capsules daily.


So I started with Nuviante and a week in I already felt a difference to my hair, I thought wait give the product more time, but after 4 weeks my hair structure changed completely I went from brittle hair to strong and healthy looking hair. – Believe me I was impressed, so impressed I had a few people jump on the same bandwagon. My hair loss didn’t really go away as I still needed cortisone injections to help, but it did make a small difference in the process. As for hair growth it started out rapid, then went back to normal, after I finished with my supplements my hair stopped growing for almost a month, but I guess it is just because my body became use to using the supplement as I used it for almost 6 months.


Now apart from the duck face, the odd selfie and well, anyway, as you can see for yourself the result started with a bang and then stagnated.

Repair damaged hair        – X  honestly think only a hair cut can cure damaged hair if you look at split ends

Reduce hair loss                  – X not really, but it did help

Strengthen & Thicken       – √  Jip I think it did

Promote hair growth          – X not as advertised.

Next we have Quick grow, a product introduced to me by my hair stylist, Elona, as previously mentioned. I thought okay another one, but being curious, bored and ready to look like Rapunzel by December 2017, I had to try it. When you purchase quick grow you have the Shampoo, Conditioner, capsules and a powder supplement. I decided to only use the Shampoo and Conditioner. Recommendation: Wash hair daily, but for the supplements I am not 100% sure how it needs to be used.

So I started with Quick grow last year. I have to say I was strict on the wash every day, but I have super thick hair and I tend to not get all the product off when I wash, so it started out rough with a lot of product buildup and I hated it. I contacted Elona,her advise was to not wash my hair that often, tone it down and try every second to third day, shampoo twice then condition. BEST ADVISE I HAVE RECEIVED – I started doing just that and the results this time around was truly remarkable.

Below a picture from October to December 2016, January I had to say goodbye to my length thanks to the damage I caused by all the bleach, look at it now…

my thoughts on Quick Grow?

Repair damaged hair           – X, again I think only a trim can help with split ends.

Reduce hair loss                    – √ , paired with my diet NO INJECTIONS NEEDED!!!

Strengthen & Thicken         – √ , a intense improvement in my hair.

Promote hair growth            – √, like they say Hair today, Long tomorrow.

So without a doubt in my mind I will recommend any one to scrap Nuviante and invest in Quick Grow. If this is the outcome for only using the shampoo and Conditioner, can you imagine the results if you use all their products together?

A huge shout out to Quick Grow, for finally making a product to enhance the natural growth of my hair. Check out their website for more

To all you lovely ladies living in Durbanville, feel free to contact Elona if you want an amazing new hair style or if you would like more info regarding quick grow. Head on to her Facebook page:

Please remember products are tested on my hair and might work differently on your own, but feel free to give it a try.

Let me know how it worked for you and keep an eye on my instagram to find out if I reached my goal of becoming Rapunzel.




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