4 Ways to Print it out!

Had a shit storm of a day? Try heading for the stores…Why? Well, retail therapy is real and it works!

So Mr Price, here I come  – yes, this is indeed my go to store when I need to spend money and I am never disappointed. I FOUND A NEW LOVE, A PRINTED SHIRT DRESS!


Before we go any further my friend, I agree: we tend to become a little overwhelmed with a print because we feel this can only be worn in the same way over and over. YOU ARE WRONG! Today it’s about taking your statement piece and making a different statement every time.

This particular garment was purchased in January 2017 for R179.00 at mr Price Tyger Valley:

Look #1:


For the first look I went for the obvious choice: wear it as a dress.

I am a bit more insecure about my thighs -feel free to call me groot bo-been-Marais if you like. So wearing this as just a dress was a big no-no for me personally.

I decided to do a rolled up sleeve, stockings and boots. Added some studs – for an effortless look, nothing to dramatic for me today – it is Monday after all. Finished off the look with a bun and I made my way to own this blue Monday.

Look #2:

20170308_063812Today it was all about a wrap shirt: instead of buttoning it up, I crossed it over and tied it to the side.

I want the print to really pop; the shirt has a profusion of white, so by adding even more white it really make the print explode. Do you agree?

Now, previously I  mentioned my intense insecurity about my thighs so when wearing white pants, I will always pair it with a longer top to cover my jiggly bits.

Always remember: When you hide your insecurities (some call it flaws) and you opt for something that enhances your strength (it’s also okay to call it perfections 😉 ) you will ooze confidence.

It’s about wearing an outfit and not having the outfit wear you.

I paired it with my cropped white pants, from Pick n Pay clothing, my yeezy boost 350’s and a headband – I don’t like working with my hair in my face, so instead of always having my hair up, I added an old school headband to the mix and I do enjoy.

Look #3:

unnamed (8)Let’s drop the dress and just make it a shirt.

Now before I carry on can I just say,  this entire outfit was less than R500.00 – so ladies, when going shopping please note: it doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive.

For an event I have decided to go for a strappy heel (R100.00 from Cotton on), an a-line structured skirt (R119.00 from, you guessed it, Mr Price) and my printed shirt (-dress).

I did a formal bun and some silver earrings to finish off my look, added a black blazer along with my clutch and off I went.

Look #4:

unnamed (1)

This is probably one of my favourite looks with this garment, it’s casual, it’s fun and it’s comfortable.

A plain grey tank top – this is an essential piece for any wardrobe.

a high waisted denim – again Mr Price (note to self, apply to become the brand ambassador for them – I deserve it…) I am obsessed with anything high waisted, for my figure and the odd love handle popping up, this style really is the best fit for faking straight lines.

Paired with a vintage belt and my Woolworths espadrilles. Not only comfort in an outfit ,but I went for a more natural hair style and I think come warmer winter days just a scarf to add and I will be set, making this an all rounder in my closet…

With a few more outfits to add to my collection I think it is time for more wine tours, more events and more printed fun.

Get connected and let me know which you prefer, the one you hated and thought looked like the shit storm I mentioned earlier or the one you liked and you might even want to try at home.

Till next time.

xxx logolicious_20170222_073937


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