Braid & Messy Bun hair Tutorial

I have shared a few braids on my instagram and I consider myself a self taught braid queen. Other than that I have received a few requests for a tutorial to braid your own hair, so while chilling on the couch – home alone –  I had an idea and decided to roll with it.

Now before we start, picture this: me, a selfie stick and my bedroom. The end result? Shocking images but I hope I can inspire you and teach you a trick or two:

my dutch braid turn messy bun:

The dutch braid is the exact opposite of the french braid:  a french braid you normally add extra strands of hair from the top to connect and form the braid, but with a dutch braid, you add strands of hair from the bottom- making it look like the braid is placed on your hair, if you get the picture?

 I have a long bob (lob) with a gazillion layers, but you can try this for any length.


STEP ONE: Section down the part where you want to start and divide it into three smaller sections.

looking at the second image with the three divisions you clearly see a left, middle and right (right being closest to the screen – in your case the mirror)

STEP TWO: left will go under middle and over right. you got that? Okay,have a look:

STEP THREE: now looking at the image above you will see our original middle and right, both points to the left. Now take the part closest to the mirror, add a small section of hair to this, then repeat by tucking it under the other part (the middle section of the three) pointing left, then over the part pointing right…pull tight.

Do you get the hang of it? Now continue this all the way down.

Remember: you will always have two sections pointing in the same direction, add more hair to the part going under the middle then over the other part.

It is simple if you add from the left: that strand goes under then over making its way to the right. If you add a section from the right: that strand goes under (the middle) and over, making it’s way to the left.

If you continue this process it will start to look like this:

When you reach your destination at the bottom just tie the ends together in a bun, don’t think about it to much – you want it to look messy.

As soon as it is tied up you can start pulling on the sides to make the braid look fuller, I have thick hair so this comes naturally for me.

Your end result will look like this:


Keep in mind I had to try this a few times before it started looking like anything, yet now I am obsessed with a dutch braid.

If you have blonde hair any braid can work wonders to show off those highlights, but if you are a beautiful brunette the dutch braid is the way to go. With the braid positioned over the hair, the braid stands out no matter how dark those roots are.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Did it help and most importantly: are you a braid queen now?

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