All white affair

When the invitation came to a dear friend’s kitchen tea and it said all white, I had a moment of “why why why”

Due to my own insecurities my first thought was to do a cool braided hairstyle, this way people will admire my hair craft and ignore the fact that I can feed a small village with my hips.

After a few days of sulking and bringing myself down I decided it is time to get up, see it as a challenge and slay in an all white outfit:

fb379697ef7de64bb6c2323c96958957 1. white cropped pants: Pick n Pay cclothing R179.99

2. white top: Legit clothing R119.00

3. beige wedge (I needed a lift as I am still a bit insecure with my hips, but nothing a heal can’t fix): Woolworths R260.00

4. dramatic necklace: Lovisa (my obsession and the most expensive part of my outfit) R349.00

I love an inexpensive outfit I can mix and match during the season. I have to say I normally don’t go cheap on pants only if I love the fit and I know I can easily find the same one again, in this case I don’t like my bum in a pair of white pants so breaking the bank on a pair seemed silly.

to complete the outfit I still went for a braid, added a bun and I loved it:


Done and dusted, have to say I actually enjoyed my outfit and my day. Just goes to show: never say no to something you think won’t work, never break yourself down before trying something, sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone might have you seeing yourself a complete new light and loving it.



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