Jumpsuit (s)

I have decided to do a bit of a shop the look with a few of my favourite outfits.

Today it’s all about the jumpsuit, I have to say I never thought my figure can pull it off until I tried it on and  I have to say I love it!

I do prefer something more loose fitting purely because with a cinched in waist I still feel sexy while wearing a baby-grow for grownups.


Perfect outfit for those in between days in Cape Town, heading to a wine farm on a Saturday.

jumpsuit: 2016 Mr Price, it came with the belt.

necklace: my favourite pineapple number for Lovisa (purchased at Tyger Valley centre)

shoes: I just added some flipflops (easy to take off)

you can always add a fabulous hat for further protection from the sun.

ruffle jumpsuit: hand me down from my sister, Woolworths 2015. I love the fact that it also has an open back – peekaboo sexy bra 😉

shoes: Woolworths December 2016

Necklace: choker from mr Price.

I have a few more jumpsuits to come, if you are as obsessed as me – stay tuned and comment what you think. I will add prices as well, as for this post these garments are about 2 -3 years old, so no use in adding prices. I hope they inspire you to jump to the occasion and try one regardless of your figure.



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