Life Happens

Date night #1


It’s Saturday afternoon, you’re at home being so domesticated it hurts and the next thing you know someone’s at the door. It’s your boyfriend casually dressed with flowers in hand – sunflowers, that’s my favourite, with just a kiss he says hello beautiful; go get dresses and get in, you have 10 minutes and he walks back to a pickup truck.

With a pair of shorts, his favorite t-shirt and sneakers you are ready for your own scene in The longest ride with your very own Scott Eastwood. The more your curiosity steps in the more he wants you to just enjoy the ride. Then, after what feels like forever, you stop at Hillcrest’s open air theater (for my American friends – the drive in) for the screening of your ultimate love story The Notebook, you realize he parked the truck facing the wrong way and you think to yourself this is not one of his brightest moments but okay and before you say anything he opens the door with a “are you here for the view or the movie? Come on, get out, the screen is on the other side.” You walk around and you find the most romantic setting ever: the back of the truck filled with pillows, blankets and a picnic basket with wine of course. Don’t let me forget to mention the impeccable sunset in the background.

…Cape Town knows how to show off with those sunsets… #bestdatever

Then you wake up and realize it was only a dream. BUT what if I said it is possible to arrange this, it is possible to have your movie scene moment, it is possible to inspire your boyfriend and make it his idea or be upfront ; each to their own… well let me help you out:

So for my Cape Town friends, a check list:

  • Living in the Northern Suburbs I am sure you know some or other Fanie with a Bakkie for the night…                 


  • I am sure you have pillows or blankets at home, they don’t need to match (the less they match the more rustic, the more rustic the more romantic ;))


  • You don’t even have to sukkel with a picnic just go to dial-a-picnic and that is sorted.Don’t believe me? Well check out this link: 

PICNIC   – CHECK                            

  • It you keep your eyes on the screen.


Good company, well he is there next to you so now just make sure you buy a movie ticket before you go and enjoy!

So for my American friends, a check list:

  • If you can’t go to the drive in, stargazing is just as romantic and perfect for the chatty girls.

VENUE                  – CHECK

  • I am sure you too have pillows or blankets at home; they don’t need to match (the less they match the more rustic, the more rustic the more romantic ;)) if you don’t have, ask mom.


  • Make it a picnic to remember, pack all he/she loves pop a bottle, or two, of wine in there and you are set to go


  • NOW the lucky part, you don’t need a friends help for a romantic evening unless your friend goes by the name Turo!

Yes, this is the coolest site you can rent any car EVEN A PICKUP TRUCK!!! Book your ride now, seriously I am jealous like they say “rent the car, OWN the adventure”

Ladies, if he’s not blessed to have a romantic bone in his body, that’s okay , you go ahead and take him on that date…

Well I think my job here is done, I hope you have been inspired to go out enjoy life and if it is not in the ride you prefer log onto and rent the ride of your choice make 2017 your adventure year. 

all images from Pinterest, and from all sites mentioned in post above.


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