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Moois & Meer

mooi is soveel meer as net mooi.” – Anelda, owner and silversmith at Moois & meer.

a few months ago I was gifted the most beautiful dainty pebble set by Moois & Meer and I thought the best time to share my thoughts would be during the festive season – we can all use a little gift inspiration right?

If you get the opportunity of having an exchange of words with the owner, Anelda, (even if it is a brief one) you will not only find passion in what they do but a true devotion for their craft. Finding inspiration all around, from a falling feather to a building still under construction, they give every single piece their own unique identity and personality.


I think most Afrikaans South African ladies can agree: having a bracelet with your name on became part of our tradition before we even knew the meaning of the word. I remember, in our family, before your Christening you received a bracelet with your name on. Even to this day we decided to keep the tradition going strong, so, let me refresh your memory with a picture of my sisters little girl, Emia, wearing her own bracelet (now don’t judge this cutie’s facial expression, she’s not so fond of camera time ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


Like most trends I can confirm; personalized jewellery is making a comeback!!

Whether it is a significant date, a name, a letter or a shape with meaning to you and your loved ones, you can now create your own. I have a few ideas this season, but if I show you ย now, what surprise do I keep in store for my loved ones? Keep an eye on my instagram during December for my ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

Join in on the fun and order yourself or a loved one a special sterling silver piece this festive season. Personalize it or shop their collections, get matching bestie bracelets, or whatever you preference go their website, have a look around and enjoy.


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