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They say life is better in flip flops, well, I have to agree.

Known as the kaalvoet kind to many of my loved ones, during summer you can spot me doing high knees on a regular basis, and in public, due to my feet burning – you all know the feeling, right?

Luckily Wishbones came along and gifted me a pair of flops to enjoy during the sunny season making its way to Cape Town. Sure, you might think this is just another flip flop you can buy anywhere – WRONG!!!!


 “Wishbones are the world’s FIRST flops to feature Polygene® pure silver to reduce the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi by 99.98%! Not only are Wishbones good for your feet, but they are good for the “soul” too…”

With a promise like that I needed to test these babies out and I can honestly say they are as amazing as they claim to be. Not only do they work with any outfit but it feels like I’m walking on cotton candy all the time… let’s call them my summer slippers – suitable for wearing in public.

Not only are they super comfortable but the brand does amazing work: once you purchase a pair and register them on their website, they take it a step further and gift a pair, on your behalf, to a child in need.


If that doesn’t give you a reason to follow this amazing brand they even have people like Case Grant (SA surfing champion), Susi Mai (professional kite-boarder) and Robby Swift (Pro windsurfer) to name a few, as ambassadors.

I am so obsessed with them I will be gifting a pair within the next few weeks,just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log onto instagram follow myself Huidrie and Wishbonesflops.
  2. Let us know why you deserve a pair by adding a picture of your favourite summer activity where flip-flops are essential.
  3. Tag us and use the hashtags #ahintofstye #wishbones #wearhappiness
  4. The winner will be announced on Monday 28 November 2016 – go ahead share the love and who knows your feet might get a treat.

you can also go down to their concept shop pop up in Tyger Valley shopping centre that started yesterday, 01-11-2016.


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