Make-up made cheap

We live in a world where every second girl claims to be a make-up artist, but yet they have their clients looking like an umpa lumpa struck by lightning, well, this post is not like that. Before I start let me set the record straight:

nr 1. I am NOT a qualified makeup artist, but I am a self taught makeup lover.

nr 2. I would like to take a moment and apologize for the pain I might cause you when you see the state of my brows – hot mess might be an understatement, but I can assure you that problem is sorted by the time you read this…

Back to the reason for this little post, so working on set recently, I saw the makeup artist going at YouTube makeup tutorials like me going at a bottle of red wine on a good day. So I thought I might as well check what the hype was about and I have to say I understand the obsession.

The first video claimed that by applying translucent powder after your primer and before your foundation, you will have longer lasting cover: Strange!? Let’s keep that in mind though. The second video was about 3 women who applied drugstore make up for a week, to me this is not a problem because I consider bargain hunting a hobby, but after I saw how completely horrible it went down for these ladies, I thought I will have a go at my new tricks and see how it goes.

I will be listing the products below along with their prices from Clicks (my drugstore of choice)

I am a firm believer in taking care of your skin, luckily I don’t have bad skin (thanks to my mom and my diet) but, keep in mind, I am a normal woman and a little breakout can make it appearance now and again.

Feel free to read more about your diet vs your skin in an amazing book by David Wolf – Eating for Beauty.

Let us get down to it:

After a good cleanse, I apply coconut oil (I use this as a moisturiser) After that I normally start my process by prepping my face with a primer – The Baby skin by Maybelline. (pretty impressed with this one to say the least)


Remember I am trying my new YouTube tricks, so I went straight to my loose finishing powder by Almay and applied it to my entire face using a kabuki brush. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about this, but, I will add,  I used a lot less foundation on my skin as my powder is slightly tinted –emphasis on slightly because I am the definition of pale. Even after, already, having a whole lot of product on my face, my skin still felt like it could breathe.


Moving on, I used my beauty blender to apply a cream foundation with a dabbing technique instead of painting my face like a canvas. Currently I have a  few spots here and there, so I applied core stick by Essence to hide them.


I did apply a little bit more powder purely out of habit, but this might not be necessary for most women.

When it comes to blusher, I had to cheat, purely because I am in love with my mac blush, adding a bit of a highlighter from Essence on my fore head, nose and cheek bones, I think now that my foundation is set we can move on to the eye:

I received all of the eye shadows (that I used today) as gifts so, unfortunately, I cannot give you the prices on them.

  1. I started with a light colour I applied over my entire lid and upwards till I reached my brow. Mine might be a bit to sparky for some by I love this colour by Revlon  (see picture above)
  2. I love a bit of gold on my eyes, so I covered the lid with Yardley eye blaze.
  3. In my opinion pink always works wonders on any eye, apply this on the brow bone (when you open the eye you will still see the pink stand out – also by Revlon.
  4. Using a mat brown (Urban Decay, pallet I received a while ago from an aunt) I start blending this in the crease just under my brow bone, making sure the colours flow into each other.
  5. I use a colour precise liquid pencil by Rimmel that I apply on the lash line.
  6. Before I finish I use a navy just in the corner of my eye, also by Revlon and when that is blended, on to mascara we go and I am done.

normally I will do my brows first, but in the state they are in I only applied a little bit of shadow with an angle brush, luckily I am semi blind so my glasses covers them up. – no more pictures of them to scar you any further. 

I find lipstick to be my superhero cape,so naturally I applied that as well, but today I went a bit nude.


My day normally starts really early so my make up was done by 6.20am, next up getting dressed and going to work.


I checked my face every hour and decided to take a picture at 12.13. As you can see my face was still, in my opinion, on point. I was really impressed.


Just before my day ends I took another picture (16.45) and I will say, only now I can see a difference in certain parts, like on my chin some of my foundation did not last as well as around the nose, but for drugstore products to last up to 10 hours – pretty impressive.


This brings us to the conclusion that yes you can use drugstore makeup for a day to day look, I will advise if it is special occasions then use your expensive products.

I think when it comes to makeup (again I am not a qualified makeup artist) I think it is more about how products are applied rather that what you apply. Some might be disgusted with cheaper drugstore products and some might be okay with them, each to their own, but if you would like to learn how to apply any product go on YouTube, you will be amazed at the tricks you can learn.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any question please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

let me leave you with my Clicks shopping list:

  • Wit n Wild coverall cream foundation          – R72.95
  • Essence coverstick                                             –  R45.95
  • Maybelline the baby skin primer                    –  R89.95
  • Almay smart shate loose finishing powder – R229.00
  • Rimmel colour precise eyeliner                       – R79.95
  • Essence multi action volume mascara           – R54.95

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