Carla Zara – must see


While some were deteriorating at work and others planning out a murder scheme for the perishing driver in front of them in traffic, I had my best friend by my side heading to Sea Point for the launch of the new winter collection by Carla Zara.

On the second floor of the Sea Point Mall we were welcomed with champagne and ravishing snacks setting the perfect mood to mingle with fellow fashion lovers and finding winter-wardrobe-inspiration from the beautiful garments in the store.

Though a small space, it is perfectly decorated with soft lighting, clean lines and flawlessly placed fashion accessories to maintain a effortless, yet luxurious vibe. To add to that we were blessed by miss magic hands herself and treated to a massage fit for a queen.

From beautiful capes, sparkling jackets, poncho’s, skirts and well tailored pants, Carla Zara took every part of a woman’s wardrobe into consideration while creating this collection. In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci  “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – the perfect description of this collection: simple, sophisticated and elegant.

Check out a few of my favorite pieces:


All in all, it was an awesome event and truly an amazing new collection – a huge thank you to Carla Zara and her team.

Be sure to check them out if you are in the area, or if driving to Sea Point seems like a mission impossible sequel then luckily we have technology and you can go to the website and order online.




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