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Warming Winter

Winter has bestowed its glorious wind upon us and the cuddle statuses and sorry-single-Suzie quotes are about it hit us hard, just the cold, but I’m not about that life today so let’s talk winter trends.

I have to admit I love winter just picture it: red wine, the wood crackling away in the fire place, good company and a blanket fit for “net-flieks-en-chill” (the Afrikaans version of “Netflix and chill) and then you remember you have to get up, get dressed and get things done.

To get you a bit more enthusiastic about the day take a look at a few of my tips for  this winter to keep warm and still look fabulous.

1. Colour to coat

We keep seeing celebs rock luxurious coats and the only place we can afford them are in our dreams, but I think colour can play a huge role in making our garments look expensive. So this season try going lighter like a grey, white or a natural tone: beige. Step away from black a bit, as the skies are dark enough and we all can do with a little light sometimes. #sentimentalmoment.

I am obsessed with the cape inspired coat – something about this just screams “I’m here, I’m fabulous so don’t mess.”


2. Polo neck

okay maybe this is a 90’s trend, but I am obsessed with it. I prefer to do it in a tighter fit as I have a bit of an odd shape, but the chunky knit can work as well ONLY IF IT IS FITTED AROUND THE ARMS (we will get back to that shortly.) Pair it with a button down shirt and heels and even the office can be a perfect match for this outfit. Try some of these ideas:

3. The chunky knit

I will start by saying on all pinterest posts, photoshoots and adds these look so comfy and amazing, BUT why does it look like a sloppy old mess in person? This my love, is purely because it –does-not-fit!

When wearing an oversized anything you have to let the other pieces of the puzzle fit snug as a bug in a rug. Look at these examples below, when the fit at the top is loose, the bottom is tight (skinny’s, dress, skirt – keep it tightly fitted)

4. inVEST

Let’s look at this trend and just enjoy it, whether it is  long and sleeveless or furry and short – a must have for all. The longer fit is suitable for all seasons paired with a long sleeve, a scarf or short-shorts and skirts. I love a little bit of fur during winter so for my personal taste it is a must have.

5. Scarfs

some call it plaid I like to call it a blanket scarf, purely because it looks like the most comfortable blanket to wrap up in and still be okay to step a foot out the door. – MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


there you have it a few tips on surviving the winter in the most stylish way possible.

Stay warm, stay classy and always look fabulous.




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