Raven Collection

Yes it really is me, I know it’s been a while since my last post but sometimes you need to connect with your inner Britney and get ready for a comeback, so here I am back in action and super excited to share my thoughts on the new Raven Collection by jewellery designer Kirstin Weixelbaumer.

I had the privilege to get all la-di-da, in my black and gold outfit, and attend the launch, naturally I dragged my sister along for the ride, being on time we took the liberty of having a few snapchat moments. – Completely necessary of course.

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It was held at the Anvl Kraft in Salt River, the venue was a perfect match: a rustic vibe with a business that focusses on traditional craftsmanship. From the outside it seems small, but inside you have this workshop with glass windows in front of the show room to admire their craft, a bar placed in the corner with staff decked out in vintage attire, with a small step and a clay arch to enter another showroom, Just to find a table with snacks all around and the most important guest – the jewellery!

20160317_181249 20160317_18143020160317_185655.jpg

Images hanging about on hangers and industrial rails, vintage cabinets decorated with skulls, wooden objects and a few metal pieces to cleverly display the Raven Collection made our minds escape to a place filled with imagination, desire, elegance and a bit of vintage flair.  With a few cheese plates, and cocktails, or other drinks, by Black Bottle Whiskey it was time to explore.


“Raven is the exposition of our shadow self.”

With the usage of snakes, skulls, feathers and arrows for this collection the craftsmanship on all designs were something to wow even their biggest critic. Black and white diamonds, or even pearls, set in silver or gold made this a premium collection for sure.  I love how they captured the inner battles we all face: our dark side vs the light with every creation. From spiked hoops, skull rings and even double skull rings, we all connected with both sides of our soul.


The black chained bracelet was an absolute stunner with the black diamond details, not to mention the diamond snake bangle – I would wear it as a cuff around my bi-cep for a bohemian look or just around my wrist as a bracelet. The skull chain stole the show with the fine detailed faces, jaw dropper , Hello, I could see even the most elegant woman wearing an open back dress and the chain hanging at the back for a bit of edge, or pair it with a deep V and layer it with the feather necklace for fun.


Obsessed to say the least. Go visit the website and be inspired with these amazing pieces.

The black gold jewelry is available from:

Alexandra Hojer Atelier  – 156 Bree Street



Black Betty & Gold Showroom  – 53 Wale Street




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