About the Brand


This one is purely to share my obsession with the Ted Baker spring collection. So let’s get down to everything about this not so Ordinary Designer Label.

Did you know? they launched as shirt specialists, not only that but they even provided laundry services for every shirt sold. – BONUS!


Now ladies the good news is that even though they started as a menswear brand, now they have amazing woman’s wear as well.


The label only launched in 1992, 23 years later they are still able to go for a sophisticated, yet trendy look: playing with the crop top (in the photos they styled it to perfection, only showing a little bit of skin). They gave the classic pencil skirt a bit of Ted Baker personality by adding different angles and still keeping it elegant and classy.

They went back into time were clean lines and elegant attire was the main focus. I am an absolute lover of prints and colour (ask any of my friends), prepare to fall inlove with these garments like I have :

Not only are the garments impeccable, but I think we can  agree that the photoshoot was done perfectly. Using Identical twins and mirrors on the floor and the reflection in the water – everything takes the eye straight to the amazingly structured garments. Playing with an all is not as it seams interpretation during the campaign was genius – to the team: well done!!!

Okay, okay, I am done obsessing about this – only for now, if you want to see them first hand, try them on, fall inlove and stun the haters at the next big  wedding you need to attend (it is wedding season after all) head down to your nearest Stuttafords (In Cape Town we have one located in Cavendish Square and Canel Walk) and get it while it’s hot.

Ladies take note:  keep it simple, keep it sophisticated and keep it saying: THIS IS ME!


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