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IDEAL skincare

As women we are all seeking that fountain of youth for our sip of eternal beauty, even have the lyrics from Alphaville to prove it:


But I’m sorry ladies we need to be our own fountain and in my opinion it all starts with skin care (head to toe skincare). I know some of us tend to do a full on pampering session every second day, once a week or even once a month. No matter what your preference, we need to make our skin a priority during the upcoming summer holidays, we all know the sun is becoming more and more brutal as the days go by, so let us do a bit of a sun care session and I have to say I couldn’t be more obsessed with the new range by VICHY.


Ideal Soleil

I am blessed (yet sometimes cursed) with a super sensitive skin and I find mixing and matching products, just irritate my skin, luckily Ideal Soleil has a product to cover every inch from sunscreen, tanning spray, fake tan (for those summer nights where you didn’t get the time to lay out) to after sun for those burns. When buying a sunscreen it is important to make sure that the product contains a UVA and UVB protection (UVA rays are long rays and UVB are the shorter rays that make contact with the outer layer of the skin making it easy to tan and sometimes burn)

These products contain 2 active ingredients that acts as pro-pigmenting agents. TYROSINE AND CAFFEINE to boost tanning and prevent burning. Together with that we need to remember to reply as often as you can, how often, you might ask, well that depends purely because we are all blessed with different skin types.

Luckily you can do this little test suited for your skin: apply the product and time yourself: ask yourself how long does it take for the skin to react (tighten, tingling burning sensation on the skin – the moment that you tend to go from tan to burn) as soon as you feel that you need to re-apply . My skin, for example, needs re-application every 30min.

I would recommend this line for anyone looking for a quality tan, while still staying protected and someone who takes skin care seriously, like I do.

FOR THE FACE – this is perfect for any skin type even a sensitive one adding extra moisture without making your skin feel oily.


FOR THE BODY – the optimizer tan spray comes in a SPF20 (125ml) and a SPF50 (200ml). Lets tan, not burn this time around!

before I carry on can we just take a moment for the packaging above, how practical? You will have no leaks, it can be used upright or even upside down. – absolute bonus for that moment you are trying to apply your sunscreen as sexy as possible and keep eye contact with that hot surfer on the beach.

SELF-TANNING – you missed a day laying out in the sun and you have a hot day – apply this and be sure for a sun kissed glow.


AFTER SUN – to soothe the skin after a bit of a burn it is perfect to apply all over the body (even the face).


Take a look at your local Dischem or even Clicks for the range, go and stock up on everything VICHY, before you know it you will be hooked on more than just your sun kissed glow.

Have an amazing summer holiday be bold, be tanned and be protected with VICHY.


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