Styled Shoot: Chanise

Today  while driving to work I found myself staring at all the women in traffic just to realized, yet again, that there is beauty in every single one of them. So today I want to talk about your best features.

a While ago I did a  styled shoot “work with what you got” where I styled 4 different girls in different looks only using the garments they owned. What an amazing challenge it was.

Meet Chanise:


Okay before I carry on can we all just take a moment and admire that face… Hands down her best feature.

 Now this 21 year old is at that stage in her life where her friends still seem to have the same style and she is only getting to a place, in fashion, where she can find herself. The biggest challenge I faced was the fact that she is blessed with big boobs and curves, how do you take that and still find a way to wear the trends like a crop top, short skirts, mini dresses and still look elegant, fun and stylish? Well this is what I did:

Her first look was just that: a crop top. Now remember: If you have big boobs you need to work with the right silhouette to shape them up, being curvy you don’t want the gap between the top and the bottom to be too big that it makes you feel uncomfortable, so keep it tight. Like previously mentioned I was obsessed with her face so the make up, hair and the colours needed to accentuate that for me. Our look came together just fine. Pairing layered necklaces, a flower crown and a killer smile she was good to go:

Her second look was more of a dressed up look, going out with a potential employer (she was currently looking for a new venture at the time) She owned a white skirt that she just loved and I wanted to make her feel comfortable, age appropriate and elegant. Pairing it with maroon made the white pop and those eyes became the true definition of “the windows to the soul.” A darker lip purely because, in my opinion,  a good lipstick can add oomf to any outfit, a white heel and a statement necklace completed the look. Keeping it fresh I did a side braid and I have to say one of my best looks for her.

Pay attention to the sleeve on the shirt how it shapes her body and accentuate the curves in all the right places.

Her last look was all about playing with colour, showing her how she can wear multiple colours and still look young, on trend and not like a Christmas tree. For her hair I wanted to keep it as simple as possible purely because the colours are busy enough we don’t want to overdo it. Adding a printed bag just to keep it fun.

I have to say working with such a beautiful girl made my job really easy. Not only that, she was open to taking criticism and learn something new.

I think when you try something different and new you will feel empowered and beautiful at the same time, all the time. So don’t be afraid to try something new.

I hope you shared my vision and that we can agree her face needs to be the center of attention when planning her outfits.

Now for the rest of you:  add your own hint of style and be your own inspiration. I want to leave you with a quote from a fashion icon Audrey Hepburn:


Credits go out to Chanise Carstens playing my model for the day and Elbe van den Berg my go to photographer and friend.



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