BUSTing out

Having a big rack will get you attention, that’s no maybe, but to be comfortable with your continental chest pillows are just as important.

My best friend is blessed with amazing boobs (my flat chest is so disappointing right now) but yet she sometimes feels so uncomfortable with them. Now weather you are skinny, curvy, flat chested or busty the most important thing is to style your figure to not only look amazing, but to feel confident and sexy as well. #comfortiskey

Let’s start with the bra:

I don’t think there is anything more important than the right bra size. It can make you look heavier or even like you instantly lost a dress size. I can give you a few tips, but my advise is to have yourself measured: This can be done at any store’s lingerie section.

My preference: Storm in A-G cup in Durbanville (44 Oxfort str, Durbanville 021 976 6948)

4597055c7f653eb2d0dc57739d396893[1]When you look at this photo look at the details,  the cup covers the entire breast to give it better shape. The part that separates the breast’s is against her chest (some girls don’t mind it not touching their skin – hence I mention it) making the boobs look natural and firm, giving you an amazing cleavage as a bonus. When looking in the mirror, turn to the side can you see that the bra is making a straight line all around? If not adjust the straps, this will give the boobs a natural lift.

Bikini season:

Sun is out and I will be damned if anyone feels ugly or uncomfortable this season. Luckily the latest trends in beach wear is specially made for you.

look at the strap of the Bikini. If you want an halter neck bikini top, have the straps start closer to your armpits, not only for a vintage style, but this will narrow the shoulders making the bust look smaller. A normal strap is perfect for support and keeping the lines clean.

You are lucky that ruffle styled swimwear is perfect, adding drama around the top will take the attention away from the bust size and focus on the print or ruffle to give the illusion of a smaller bust. Pair any bikini with a high waisted bottom and you are on trend ladies.

Go for a cut where the bust line is about 2cm under the bust for maximum support and again keeping the bikini top on trend. Have a look at these styles for inspiration.

d5fb416737819114ddb3f7e545b3a5f4[1] 4ee601e7b3fbe5f49bebea7b1a347fc2[1] 9e5325f4bf24d33b60d861a45bf4e55c[1] b2f6ff136e043d2277ac850cae7861b7[1] e6cb1b50eb8afc5ceb722b6dfcc115b3[1] fc5878e2de2c6daf5f0b5f96d406e77a[1]

Cover ups:

T-shirts should be V-neck, this is perfect purely because it brings the eye down the center making your bust seem smaller and your entire shape perfectly proportioned.

Over sized is also an amazing option but I will say try a bold and busy print or colour blocking to balance the figure out.

4f284510c3f687deb6b40c2b9e3448a2[1] 9644616abd5e2f9abd55b634d6f87fd4[1] a0750e882703ee3f7fe5bf0619dea4c4[1]

Go on and bust a move this summer, feel sexy, feel fabulous and enjoy every single curve you are blessed with ladies. And whenever you don’t feel comfortable remember there is always a girl like me wishing I could have big boobs.

PS. Have a look at River Island they have amazing bikinis perfect for being busty and on trend.


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