You GUEST it – wedding season

With wedding season about to kick off in Cape Town (and all over the world), I think it is time to discuss what to wear to weddings when you are only a guest. Let us face it these days some people think it is okay to wear jeans to a wedding (male or female – this is seriously not on). In my opinion a wedding is an formal event and we all want to look our best, right?

No matter the season let us firstly state the obvious: CHECK THE INVITE.

look at the venue, is it at the beach (if yes heals will be for the after party, not the ceremony), what season will it be? and more importantly check the colour scheme and try not to go navy and white if that is the theme, you might look like part of the decorations.

Winter and Fall Weddings:

So it’s cold and windy, but yet you want to look and feel amazing. Black is not frowned apon at weddings anymore but I am a colour lover so try opting for a bit of  colour (stay away from a bold print, you don’t want to stand out at a wedding – it should be all about the bride) Some ideas:

1. A wrap dress: this is one dress that will forever be sophisticated and stylish. Ask Diane von Furstenberg and she will tell you the same.

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2. A jumpsuit: never a bad idea on a windy day, effortless and still sexy.

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3. A short dress: if you have beautiful legs you can still rock a mini, but keep it simple and try a long sleeve. If you want a long dress add a slit for a bit of leg.


   Summer Weddings:

Some days Cape Town can bless us with heat and no one wants to smell like sweat at a wedding, so keep the fabric light. I love staying with the colours of the season, as you can were a garment for another occasion during the sunny season – hello bargain 🙂

1. Print: Yes you heard me summer time you can do a print, but keep it simple and not to bright.

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2. Light colours: like I previously mentioned keep up with the season so try pastel.

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3. Maxi dresses: always an option but keep the material light and flowy.

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Things not to wear:

1. Lace: we all love some lace, but the bride will most likely have lace in her dress so in my opinion leave the lace for her to wear.

2. The multi-dress: yes this is an amazing dress as you can wear it in any way possible, but that is why most brides turn to this amazing dress for her bridesmaids. So if you are not part of the bridal party try something else.

3. White: unless it is an all white wedding don’t wear white, again leave it to the bride to wear white – this one might sound easy, but believe me you still have girls rocking up at a wedding in white #tacky.

Naturally this post can go on forever, but let me keep it simple and leave you with these tips and hopefully (if you are single like me) the next wedding you can knock someone’s socks off and be next down the aisle.  Enjoy the season.

With Love.




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