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Being a fashion lover and working in a dusty environment normally doesn’t go hand in hand, but we need to do what we need to do to pay the rent, right? Well to me the idea of wearing my fancy and fabulous stuff to work is just not possible, so I save that for weekends.

 I came home on Monday evening and thought, how can I inspire you for a week of “what the hell am I going wear”  and I have decided to share my work-wear with you, keep in mind I can dress casual as it is an industrial workplace.

Yes I know my post starts on a Tuesday, but Monday was my inspiration…


Today I want print, I want colour and I want comfortable pants (mainly because I’m having a fat day).


So today’s outfit is: my printed pants (my mom made them for me, she’s a gem) paired with my mustard jersey – never knew I owned so many shades of yellow – #yellowdarling. Adding a salmon shoe was a natural choice, purely because my toes need to be covered. (the jacket was only for the drive to work ladies, it was way to cold not to have it tag along)


I woke up this morning and not lus for work or getting out of bed – note to self: find out if sleep counts as cardio.


So being in mourning and sleep deprived I opt for an all black day: black leggings, black coat  with leather accent, my grey fake-high tops (they saved me on a shoe-problem in Amsterdam so they became my work shoes) and my white and black scarf.


This weather is like most men in my life clearly CAN’T MAKE UP IT’S MIND! Look the sun’s out, hahaha, made you look. – #makeupyourmind


jeans, plain black long sleeve shirt and a grey poncho to keep my neck warm and a pair of black pumps. (added some braids in my hair just to prevent looking like a granny)


Okay let me tell you I think animal print is a neutral and it would be super unfair if I don’t add a bit of animal print to the week.

20151016_065858Outfit: my black stockings, brown ankle boots, a mustard off shoulder dress – it is one of my favorite items, so I wear it as a skirt sometimes just to change it up. Pairing It with a grey long sleeve, my teal three-quarter sweater (adding a belt to emphasize my small waist and to prevent looking bulky and over weight). Throw on an animal print scarf and I’m good to go.


Today I told my bestie I will join him for “The happiest 5k in the world” and we did the colour run in Cape Town. Now  I didn’t really feel it was necessary to share the fact that we did the run, but after we completed the 5km and we sat on the grass waiting for the rest of our group they made it clear why we ran: “when you see the people coming in they all look different, but when they leave they all look the same.” How powerful to remind us we are all the same….

20151017_093935 20151017_105652 20151017_113036 20151017_113916


Today we celebrate my sisters 33de birthday at the V&A Waterfront, purely because we are blessed with great weather and being able to call Cape Town our home.

20151018_101640I love the button up skirt trend and I found mine at a vintage market, I have big shapely legs and like most woman I don’t like my thighs so I almost always go for a mid length just to still feel great in my own skin.  (When you feel good about yourself others will see that and you will certainly make a statement. So when you feel good you look good #simpleatthat) Wearing a high waisted skirt to accentuate my small middle and paired it with my golden gems from JET. (These shoes do have laces for a laced up look, but I took it out just for the day) Curls and layered necklaces brings my look together.

I hope you all enjoyed my outfits for a week, may you have a fashionable week to come.



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