Yellow Darling

I don’t know why, but the colour yellow always seems to be a trend at some point. It’s like the Britney Spears of colour: making a comeback year after year, so let us take a look at 3 categories: Bright Yellow, Pale/Pastel yellow and Mustards Yellow.

Bright yellow

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Let me start by saying I am not the biggest fan of a bright yellow, but that might be due to the fact that I just can’t pull it off. I think the most important thing about a bright yellow is: your skintone, a bright yellow works best with a tanned or darker skin tone, If you are blonde and pale maybe go for the other two options.

When we look at colour blocking (also a huge trend) with a bright yellow you can try a red, but be carefull, maybe just keep the red in the accessories. My preference with a bright yellow will have to be blue (go all bright for a statement look) or even a white.

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Pale/Pastel Yellow

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I think we can all agree that pastel, well, pastel-anything just fits with summer. Whether you are a blond bombshell or a brunette beauty the pastel shade works for any skin tone and any hair colour. Try pairing this with a bright print (think flowers, think colour) or again go blue, maybe a denim or a lighter shade, even pastel pink will look amazing.

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Mustard Yellow

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This is the perfect shade for those cold wintery months and one of my must have colours too. It is an easy escape from the grey’s and blacks normally associated with winter. Try adding some colour by combining it with a navy, teal, white or my favorite: PRINTS!

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Fall Outfit: Pencil Midi Skirt
Fall Outfit: Pencil Midi Skirt

If yellow garments seems a bit scary, but at the same time you really want to try this trend then try adding yellow accessories to an outfit. Whether it’s the shoe, necklace or bag find inspiration and maybe next year  you can spend that little extra on that yellow dress you’ve been longing for.

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Before I let you go on your merry way, hopefully feeling inspired, there is one more thing: Black. We all own black as it is a staple to any wardrobe, but when adding yellow to your favorite LBD please do not go bright. You will give me no choice but to call you Maya the bee, opt for a pale/pastel shade or a mustard.

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Have fun with the colour and always be your own sunshine.


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