Heritage Day 24 September 2015


This public holiday was given to us to celebrate our countries different cultures, the diversity of our beliefs and all the different tradition.

In short:  We celebrating our Rainbow nation.

Yes, the newspapers might be full of shitty articles at this moment, but one thing is for sure South Africans are proud (no matter what race, language or ideals you might have). Most of us refer to this day as national Braaidag (barbeque day).

Here are a few must haves for a perfect braaidag:


You need friends and family

okay this goes without saying you need people, well you can braai by yourself, but I guess it might end up in tears and cuddling your cat. – better not hey.

you need a place to braai

get those lekker friends together and make sure you have enough wood to keep the fire burning for the entire day. We can braai just for atmosphere we don’t always need it for cooking 😉


The snacks

It is really important to have snacks while the wood is crackling away preparing the coals for the meat. snacks can include:

  • a bread plate served with cheese and spreads
  • chips and dips
  • veggies (like cucumber and carrots for the health freaks) served with humus.

The main meal

Naturally, you need meat #chickenorbeef (remember to tell those cheapskate friends its a “bring and braai” not a “I supply it all” kind of day) with the meat you need a potato or a greek salad, just for the balance. 🙂

Wine – always have wine

we are so blessed with enough wine farms around that we can literally not run out.

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For the boys we have a traditional drink (girls can enjoy it as well) called brandy and coke (always have enough ice. #rulestoliveby)

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Then, my fav part, the outfits:

For the girls:  just keep it in a jean and a t-shirt,doing the complete fashion girl look will only have your favorite outfit smelling like smoke and soon-to-be-new-friends judging the looks. -ain’t nobody got time for that.

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For the boys: local is lekker, so keep it lekker. Flipflops, shorts (PT broekie) and a T-shirt. That’s the true “boere way”

Braai[1] images0MB3GBUA

To all my fellow South Africans: Happy heritage day, keep on braai-ing, keep on wine-ing and remember where we came from and where we are going!

It’s lekker to be lekker, so just stay lekker.

South Africa I love you



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