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Turquoise Tuesday


The colour Turquoise is the symbol of friendship, peace and good fortune. Now being that it is the middle of the month and we all have to much month and not enough money, I hope by inspiring the turquoise trend it will stick to its guns and bring us all good fortune.

Seeing as the weather in Cape Town is just as indecisive as Miley Cyrus with her next worst dressed chart topper. Lets bring it in all seasons.

Summer and Spring time

I love anything paired with white during summer just because white brings a bit of sophistication to any outfit. You can try turquoise prints, dresses, shorts or even pastille colours to keep it vibrant and fresh during the sunny season. Keep the fabric light – we all know how the sun can bless us with heat. You can colour block with turquoise but keep the colours in the same pallet, even nude and salmon pairs perfectly.

0acb0559e06566cb5f6e33a4c876f01f[1] 9d930cfa8883c885f1734a2bcda5dad6[1] 79096e1f56ce2406be72b7f39bda2275[1] 23836bf4bf51d50055bb416cc3ffb059[1] c79485a29d6ac06cfb34d32359ce73d0[1] 4101fa8763c736ae390091e7d30c2394[1] 6c16d51dfb8755cb9c668e63aa287491[1] 7cc676c39c17b4656aabb099e030cd7d[1]

Turquoise in fall and winter

When the sun hides away please don’t assume the colour in your wardrobe should do the same. If turquoise seems a bit to bright try going for a darker shade like teal. You can play around and match maroon, mustard or even black. Accentuate your outfit with accessories in this beautiful colour.

1a3028835fc557ec8fddfa2aabb3eff9[2] 2a69812df6bcf0cb4c78db56ee9370c3[2] 5a9e6ca6859400f7f8a2f1041b17d222[1] 9fece2b937023c8aa4ad9c4197714c31[1] 62f3d55ed6fbaef46913df1db25e0c23[2] 2090c26874a69d572a6e68e6f9b83f06[1] cc2b8f03fc46822625eae36ecb7690bc[1] e2b6137b6de452044d7c70f01c83a893[1]

Turquoise accessories

I love to accessorize it is the easiest way to make any outfit pop, make it more interesting and complete the look. No matter what the season or the occasion (even red carpet ready – Cate Blanchett paired it with Armani) you’re accessories should be trendy all year round. So whether it is rings, layered, single items, chokers, bags or a great pair of shoes here are a few of my favorite ideas to play with:

3f30b4c47dbb81f82515e5115edaabef[1] 5cc96f6ac0f1cc2ca3c08ba04fab86d5[1] 6d92830c1517cfcb7908790f9e7b1148[1] 702fc82e73f72155ca32a36f836e7a4e[1] 9795cd27bcf94266dab3ca314d1b1ff0[1] a5bdb23784321ea80911cb892d4a7be3[1]43528938de052699aae82d67bd84b3ac[1] 537630dabc2828e893232fa51feaf7f9[1] 18972f94ca01a342a8d01f453a5d85dd[1] 2367fb0a8f97176c13a739f79a5139a8[1] 4db57d7e6b1205f2e94cdf1d0020431b[1]

Just a last thought on what colours can be paired with turquoise:

c22023e9f3ebf7a8db681ac23afc362c[1] 7aa67c46a49574ddca86f9707818b4bb[1] 5a8eac3c8e450522eda1d28825df0f6b[1] 4b0d1d598e0f45ee07dc8b4cc98a3af8[1] 2acd05a1a1902f1789fbe46c9d4d456a[1]

Be bold, be bright and may turquoise carry truth and wisdom for the rest of the week, just  like they believe it does. Happy Tuesday fashion friends.


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