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waiST a second….

           2015 Is all about staying on a high- High waisted that is, so let’s break down this 60’s trend of high waisted style.

nr.1 High waisted Pallazzo pants

This trend is combining the flowing materials with the high waist and it is perfect for literally any situation but keep in mind: IT IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE.

Pair it with a crop top (if you have flat abs – style is about looking good and I don’t have a problem with a little bit more of a curve, but keep it covered to prevent haters hating #notimeforabully) or a tight top if you are blessed with a bit of a hip to balance out those curves. Always make sure the waist band is at the smallest part of your body.

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If you want to create curves the Pallazzo can work for you too. Pair it with loose top and tuck it in at the waist to define the waist even more. Try a low V-line as well to keep it sexy.

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nr 2 High waisted Skinny:

Again I want to state the importance of balance: if it is tight on the bottom, keep it loose at the top – stay classy. Yes, you do get those, one in a million moments where tight on tight works perfectly, but pair it with a loose cardigan/ coat for a classy-put-together-yet-trendy look.

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nr 3 High waisted shorts and short skirts

This one is for the ladies with the legs girls like me tend to dream about, never the less keep in Mind: (say it with me) BALANCE, If like me, you don’t like showing the legs that much great news: an interesting trim or a cool print, is a huge trend and that will take the attention away from your sensitive spots. Also (this goes without saying and it is a shout out to those skinny bitches too: I DON’T NEED TO SEE YOUR ASS IN SUMMER, UNLESS YOU WALK AROUND IN A BIKINI, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SKIMPY ASS-SHOWING SHORT SHORTS)

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nr 4. The longer lengths

If the short shorts and short skirts really doesn’t float your boat, here are a few ideas on longer lengths to implement into your wardrobe. If it is flowy or tight it makes no difference you will still be super trendy and fabulous – If it is the office or a formal function and you are so obsessed with this trend, even then you can make it work.

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There you go ladies keep those standards and waistlines high this season.


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