Blue Mondays


I know, I know Mondays have this magic power of bringing out the biggest sad panda in us all – and don’t we all just that that feeling? But let’s get up, get dressed,  face the day and turn this blue Monday into a blue inspired day.


Luckily for us blue is a colour to watch during summer (and by all means hurry up sunny season) but for now we can play around with it too.

For the dare devils:

If you like to stand out and you love the bright hair trend why don’t you try the colour blue. Whether it is a full on blue do, or a blue accent or even blue ombre this trend can look super cool if done right.

243a1a29301096694a1743e12104585a[1] 1ef78ec90f62fe7bb0c06ea5abfeb09a[1]

Blue Make-up:

Listen up ladies I know not all of us are make-up artists and surely the full on blue make-up  look can and will look horrible if you don’t know what to do. Some of you might be scared to try it so do it in a subtle way by using blue under the eye. (any shade – I like the lighter shade  during the day and the brighter blue at night for a fun look)

Try these ideas, remember If it looks like you ran into a fist try not to leave the home 😉

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Nothing kicks Monday’s ass like a fabulous pair of shoes

add a bit of blue inspiration by decorating those feet, it can be an all blue shoe, a navy, maybe a hint of blue or even a print (prints are always great just remember to keep the outfit simple)

16a8748086fbac41dde3470b01a17d12[1] 37217d803240de18292265cef8adc177[1] 624006221aed0349590e1f84f8d8a4fd[1]

A hint of blue

Adding a bit of blue to an outfit will brighten up any bad day. Keep it fresh with pastels paired with white or if standing out is your game go all out and be royal.

3ebb108f7187821f10176c830126503f[1] 3fdcc405bf0f239fa0786a0253f3acc9[1] df0b42f7f02a2394fe596ab6bc7debcc[1] 5bf1bea00c2aa44059f83944f2be38bb[1]

 Printed statement

Prints can make a statement without really trying , but finding the perfect print, well in my opinion, is all about personal taste. I love blue and white together in a print it says classy like nothing else. Here are some prints I love:

1bfd0bd3319dd6c9a2f0d1ce6ed29c2e[1] 449dfe390ec0f4b6d41065e2e02fa2af[1] aacc873f15ce83b1aeb24de1b937ef88[1] f79b75064b06793179610736f0b797bb[1] 54e661886c19c2dc70e8d5fb4f51a3ea[1]

There you go ladies: suck it Monday!


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