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Just a skirt – or is it??

Spring might be around the corner and not only will the flowers be blooming and the men preparing for Movember (beards for days as well  – I cant wait ) I think it is time to dip into the trend of the season the Culotte.


Now most people will ask me what the hell are you talking about, but don’t fear, my little fashion follower,  let me explain: Pronounced “Koo’-Lot” it is a pair of pants with the legs wide enough to make it look like a skirt. So yes you look like a girl but you can still sit like a boy #BONUS!

This is a trend really suitable for any body type, tall and skinny, short and even for me – tall not so skinny, yet not overweight either. But before I buy any item I usually ask myself if it can fit into 3 categories if the answer is yes, then naturally I will buy it.

1.street style / casual wear:

This look can be worn with a plain T-shirt or even a button down when it’s time to hit the wine farms for a local tasting. Remember to stay inspired by die mid length skirt so this should not go down to the ankle but stay a little hoog water. Pair it with a heel ,sneakers or flats either way, you too can own this look.

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2. Off to work

Going to work in spring always makes me want to cry, because who really owns anything for “in between” weather? Well, the culotte can help this season. I have to say I do prefer this look with heels (If like me you don’t like your ankles then opt for a wedge, a pump, anything but just give a little bit of a lift with a heel just to elongate those legs and make your ankles look cute(r)) This is on point with a tight top or even a blazer for more of a formal look.

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3. Formal Affair

Some of us are at an age where everyone is getting married and we really can’t afford another dress to wear to the wedding. The culotte can be turned into a really beautiful outfit, set for any formal  occasion. Keep the outfit simple and add a pop of colour with a fabulous shoe. Go all white (not to a wedding though – you are not the bride) or do a crop top, seriously this trend can be so versatile .

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If by now you still have your ass hooked on that fence, maybe seeing someone like Victoria Beckham or Kylie Jenner enjoying this trend might change your mind.

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