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RIP Cecil our lion

like a plague this sad story has taken over our newsfeeds, making our hearts ache and making our blood boil with fury, but there is so much more to this story. I have decided to write an open letter to the killer as seen in the news  Dr Walt James Palmer.

Dear Mister Killer Palmer

I would like to write you this letter to point out the difference between the two of us. This might not make any sense as of yet, but please continue reading.

As a child I remember my family and I taking trips to the Kruger National Park and after 22 years this place has become our sanctuary, our happy place and our holiday destination of choice. So after a few years truly admiring the beauty of nature it is a fact that we have become wildlife loves, protectors and educators were we find it possible. You, on the other hand, enjoy making a trip to our beautiful wildlife reserves, were our creatures are supposed to be in a “safe, natural” habitat, just to pride yourself of a new rug for your mansion in America.

You claim your “sport” to be a beautiful thing but let me show you the difference in beauty!

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On the left we have a picture captured by my mother on a recent trip to Jock Safari Lodge in The Kruger National Park, were this incredibly beautiful animal was peacefully resting in a tree, and then on the right, there is the picture of you holding a leopard that you shot in Zimbabwe, 2010. No one will agree to that being beautiful, no we see it as wrong, ugly and inhuman.

Furthermore you claim to be a wildlife enthusiast, if that was the case would you not have known that in South Africa the rhino is regarded as a threatened species and that we have originations fighting against poachers, like you? Well then is it not ironic that this picture has surfaces with you and a dead white rhino killed by yourself in South Africa.


I have to say you made me laugh a few times in your statement where you claim it was a “mistake” and that you only do legal shootings, continuing to say you made sure that it was legal? According to the Zimbabwe Professional Hunter and Guides Association, bow hunting is only permissible in private hunting concessions or communal hunting areas – never in a national park or government-controlled safari area.

It is also stated that hunting lions, like you did with Cecil, you can hunt either statically, by hanging bait from a tree then hiding nearby, or by stalking. Reports claimed you lured the animal outside of the boundaries were it will be legal for you to shoot him, but still had no idea who you were shooting?


In my opinion you are a typical arrogant American fool (no offense to any other Americans) who wanted that lion due to his beauty and because he was different from the others, then as soon as you realized how completely ignorant and stupid you were, you are now trying to play the victim.

Well let me educate you even more: Cecil was regarded a trophy to his country, He was the reason for so many people from all over the world came to Zimbabwe, because he was rare in his size and beauty. The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University has tracked the Hwange lions since 1999 to measure the impact of sport hunting beyond the park on the lion population within the park, using radar and direct observation. Dr Andrew Loveridge, one of the principal researchers on the project, said that Cecil and another male lion named Jericho led two prides with six lionesses and a dozen young cubs, and he feared for the safety of the cubs now Cecil had been killed. “Jericho as a single male will be unable to defend the two prides and cubs from new males that invade the territory. This is what we most often see happening in these cases. Infanticide is the most likely outcome,” he said.

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Lastly Dr Palmer I would like to ask you have you ever experienced the beauty of a pack of lions hunting, the amazing way they communicate without making a sound, just to feed their young. Have you ever seen vultures circle the sky after the hunt has been completed to indicate to other animals that the animal is dead? Have you seen hyenas fight for the left overs while laughing like crazy people? Do you understand the way nature works, do you respect it and do you protect it?

If you answer no, and in the eyes of many, you clearly don’t, I ask you don’t step foot on our land, don’t act like a hero when you are a killer and don’t think we will not be watching out for you. We are a continent known for their friendly faces and welcoming hearts, but you, you and your family, will never ever be welcome here again.


RIP Cecil our lion, may we get justice for your death and may your death help us fight canned hunting. If you would like to sign the petition against this please follow the link below:




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