Just be grateful

So  I took a break from blogging for a while and just decided to step away from the screen and enjoy life and the people in it. We all have those moments where we are so happy: we have friends that can make us laugh to the point were you want to wet yourself, family that makes your life a beautiful chaos and events that creates memories with our loved ones, but while we enjoy these gifts from life we forget to be grateful and I mean truly grateful.


So while life was all nutella and waffles (closest thing to perfect in my book) a few things happened to make me step back and be grateful for everything I have.

Living in Cape Town and having this lame thing called winter (purely because I’m kind of over freezing) The roads are wet and the morning are cold, I even drive to work with my blanket around me to stay warm. We have so many people standing by a robot selling a newspaper  or asking for financial help, while we have the heater on and sometimes even a cup of take away coffee, while they freeze trying to make a living. So long story short I gave the one guy my blanket to give to his family due to the fact that I knew that evening will be a different kind of cold. Seeing how happy this small gesture made a complete stranger almost had me in tears. I drove off and thought wow how stupid to take something like a blanket for granted while this man showed pure joy. I had to keep myself from crying.

After that Mandela day came, now on Mandela day we (South Africans) celebrate his birthday by giving 67 minutes to charity or to helping others. I do think it is a great idea, but don’t you think giving should be done when you want to, when you see need and when you can? not purely because everyone’s doing it. Well that was my reason and I decided charity begins at home and by that I will give my time to my sisters, bonding and enjoying each other.


Monday came along and we all hate Mondays, but I had a song in my heart so much so I  even agreed to play netball on Tuesday – not that I don’t like netball, I love it, but playing a game at 21:30 is a bit of a risk for this granny-who-needs-to-be-in-bed-by-ten. Anyway I played and had fun for about 10minutes, then the giant I played against stood on my shoe and the impact of my landing my ligament went flying along with a few really unladylike words. I finished the round and then said sorry boys this lady is going home, my sister made me go to hospital. I cried like a baby all the way and after two hours I was drugged up and ready to go home. The next day at physiotherapy they gave me the sexiest thing ever: a moonboot – still rocking this bad boy.

Anyway that brought me to this morning: Came to work and my sister phoned to tell me go buy food and give it to one of the boys. I called him in and asked “Fanie when last have you had something to eat?” he said he can’t remember – by now my tears were ready like horses waiting for the bang to run. So I sent one of the ladies to the wholesaler for porridge, made a bowl and called him in again. I gave him the food and turned away, but in the security camera I saw this poor man gulping away and within seconds the bowl was empty. He thanked me several times as he walked out to go back to work. I watched him walk out into the yard and I felt the tears roll down my cheek.

It just made me think here I am complaining about a sore ankle, but this man can’t remember his last meal??

So today I am truly thankful, thankful for so many things the big ones and the minor details. So join me in starting every day with a thankful heart.

God Bless




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