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Bring on Summer


Okay I love winter, but please bring summer back to Cape Town now!

Before we can go to the beach clubs, the pool parties and the fabulous  fun-in-the-sun season, here are some trends to keep an eye on.


White will always be part of any summer wardrobe must have, it looks clean and fresh no matter what year and what your age. It is also a colour that looks super sophisticated for work, just add a funky accessory and you can go from day to night.

Pair it with pastel for a fresh look or pair it with a bright colour to stand out from the crowd. White on white is also a great option for evening or work.

 Remember: Keep the cut flowing and simple for an effortless look this season.

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Every year when summer comes along we find prints taking over our stores from flower prints (go figure) to Greek inspired prints, palm trees, animals, pineapples and the list goes on. It really doesn’t matter what print, if it makes you feel festive, then rock it. Unless it is a cat ‘s face and you have entered you’re 40’s then HELL NO! 

I am obsessed with the bohemian inspired print – something about it just shouts layed-back-lets-go-lounge-on-the-beach.

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So if you are like me during winter and you stuff your face to keep warm (creating something to hold on to, obviously that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) then luckily the one piece has made a huge comeback this season. Keep it on trend with different styles and prints, you really can’t go wrong, unless you wear the gym one piece out in public then we need to talk: it’s like that old hairy man behind you on the beach perving while posing in a speedo, sexy? I think not!

some Ideas:

 e829d6b7e04d9e1366af63f2ab3755ef[1] df90f8760972f87b2212fcdbb00842f6[1] 3828c219eed7b6dcb5b567a02477f3af[1] baf9aef42f4bdb29b2bcbabee8d0f3df[2] 511c8f4b5ca130d2600548f513492c26[1] 4e0a0ba2662b628733491aee6f7cd9a1[1]


This trend has been coming along for a while we saw it in the 80’s, during our winter season and now, for summer,  it’s back in a huge way. Go all out this season with a crochet bikini or one piece, try a crochet vest, crop top (for the younger girls)a full on crochet dress, skirt or try it in shorts. No matter how old you are you can easily enjoy this trend.

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When it comes to shoes in summer I enjoy rocking it barefoot, but knowing my poor little (ugly) feet might burn and its frowned apon to enter a club or shopping centre without shoes (keep them on the sand, in the water or put on a pair of shoes – we are ladies after all)

 Here are some trends to make you’re feet feel pretty too.

sneakers will still be on the scene pair it with a cute dress or shorts and you are good to go. Heels on the other hand can be either strappy or bulky and even a bit more dramatic with fringe detail. Sandals on their own are heading to the more bulky styles, but the strappy sandal will never be out of style, in my opinion.

Whatever you choose remember: shoes can and will make or break you’re outfit!

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Here’s to Summer, looking fabulous, enjoying the weather and that instagram outfit post.


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