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Menswear – a girl’s opinion

      This is probably a bit of a gamble giving my opinion on menswear, but let’s face it who better to judge, than a woman? We like to think they dress for us, right? Well that’s our story and we are sticking to it.

normally their style is simple, no fuss, just fun, sexy and manly. But there might be a few pointers I can give them.

1. NO SAG!!


I don’t know who told men it is sexy to have their pants dropped down to their ankles, but come on guys STOP that. If you really need to go and the only place you can find is in your pants, ask you’re mom to buy big boy diapers.

Did you know: Woman are just as obsessed at checking out the behind of a man- maybe just me and my girlfriends, but truth be told there is nothing sexier than a man with a well fitted pair of pants.

2. The fit

Slim fitted pants (naturally paired with a belt) will always be part of the trend. It kind of says “Hi, yes my appearance is important to me. So take a look ladies, you might like what you see.” #femalepervingfordays. Most girls, in my opinion, would much rather go for the guy who looks well-put-together, than the one you just got out of bed and went to the bar in his stained attire from last week.  

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3. Casual wear

Looking at trends we see the sports inspired look all over and yes the ladies stole this trend for our men. It is Totally “cool” to rock this, but the key lies in how to wear it. Again FIT: same with jeans or any other trouser if you want sag keep it minimal and make sure you have a tighter fit somewhere along the leg paired with a well fitted shirt – on point!

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4. Neckline

I don’t know who said a button shirt is best worn when it is open all the way down the yellow brick road almost exposing you’re best friend. But newsflash: THIS IS NOT OK, you only create WTF moments for everyone, less is more boys.

the big no no:

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rather try this if you like a V-neck

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Still on t-shirts: try to find one a bit more fitted around the arms, it doesn’t have to be super tight but also not super loose.

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Okay I know I’m not a menswear expert and most of the guys I know dress well, but these guys also know I will be the first one to give them my opinion. I just  likewhat I like and I would like to think most girls think like me when they see a guy so just to recap:

1. FIT , FIT, FIT – this is the most important

2. No sagging

3. keep it simple – we want a manly man,  so if you have a P where we have a V then you are half way there to grabbing our attention.



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