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Nicole Icon Richie

    Today I want us all to take a moment and embrace one of many style icons out there: Nicole Richie.

She is a woman who single handedly made boho chic, she went from looking like a walking bakery, to us wishing she would visit the bakery to becoming a healthy, trend-setting, fashion designing, hilarious inspiration.

When It comes to her body image lets have a moment of silence for ditching Paris Hilton and becoming the definition of “that’s hot”.

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Just shows you what cleaning up your act can do for you  😉

Looking at her hair alone,  this woman just does what ever the hell she wants, we all know she had her skunk look (even with kak taste she started a trend #blesshersoul) she rocked brunette, blonde, long, short, pink, purple andnow blue. I guess if we all had the ability to afford a hairstylist at our every call we would be able to do the same, but for this broke ass bitch, I  will just stare enviously at her pictures.

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She is the true reason all the girls started following the Boho trend: using scarves as headbands, adding oversized glasses, low necklines, making a maxi dress cool and rocking open back shirts. She even made it okay for us to wear boots with shorts – no not snow boots, come on you are better than that!

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After making every girl obsessed with her style as a boho goddess she decided no, lets go the complete opposite direction and being a mom she took on the sophisticated- fashion-forward role. And honey, did she own that???

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So if by now you still don’t have any reason to know this woman is an icon let me share my top 4 red carpet looks

1. This gold effortless Marc Jacobs dress, was super on point at the CFDA Fashion awards 2013


2. At the Baby2Baby Gala in 2014 Nicole knocked it out the park with her H&M dress and Toashi Shoji Cape (keeping it pure perfection and going for a one colour look)


3. At the MET Gala in 2014 she stunned in a silver velvet gown by Donna Karen Atelier adding a purple updo she knew how to  pop on the red carpet.


4. At the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2015 Womanswear collection Presentation she went back to a bit of a rock chick look, looking amazing, as usual.


Nicole Richie you are and will always be an fashion icon if not to everyone most definitely to me.


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