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My winter Must haves

I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I decided to make a comeback with my top 5 must haves for this winter.

1. The Parka

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When buying a parka make sure the synched in part ( part with the strings) hit you at the smallest part of your waist to ensure you don’t look like a block of cheese but rather like the sexy hour glass we all want to be. Try to find a parka that ends just below the bum, hitting you on the widest part of the leg to give you a more slimming silhouette. On the days that you don’t want to close it  up,  try another trend: knitwear. Pair it with a scarf and a oversized knit and you will still be super on point.  The parka is normally a kaki colour, but to make this old trend new by trying it in the three colours of the season: navy, burgundy and beige.

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2. Knitwear

Okay, I know this is kak hard to find, it’s either perfect around the shoulders, but to short or it is the perfect length but to big around the shoulders: truly a first world problem I know, but when you find the perfect cut for you pay up honey this trend is not going anywhere any time soon and let’s face it: Its super cold and we want to be wrapped up in a blanket all day and now we can! I love a longer shape and a bit more chunky, it also doesn’t have to be a pullover it can be a cardigan too.

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3. Fur (FAUX FUR PLEASE) accent

nothing says you are living a glamorous and luxurious lifestyle like fur, but let’s keep this more on a fur-look-a-like than real fur  – no animal deserves that my loves. If you are daring enough, do a full on fur coat, but keep in mind this can look trashy quite easily if you  don’t do it right – ain’t nobody got time for that. If you are still on the fence with this trent try the accents, in my opinion they are fabulous and so classy. Try a  coat (dare devil), a scarf, a body warmer or pullover.

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4. Sneakers

Like I said in a previous post sports wear are something to look out for. Wearing sneakers are an amazing way to be trendy, comfortable and stylish this season. When I say sneakers I don’t mean jeanakkies (jean and takkies) I’m talking about flat, all day sneakers those you don’t wear on you’re daily run. Nike has so many to choose from and they look amazing if you don’t want Nike then try Adidas. You can pair it with a skinny jean and coat, or the sports inspired pants and a blouse for the office.

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5. Flare jeans

Jeans are always a must have for any girl or woman. Try to move away from the skinny or bootleg and try something different by doing the flare . If you are curvy this will balance the figure out, if you are short it will elongate the legs and if you are tall and skinny – bitch you can rock anything so keep quit and sit in the corner. So try it out for the season, at least, before you knock this one off.

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So there you go 5 ways to keep winter rocking and if you live in Cape Town – make the knitwear the nr 1 priority to survive the cold.



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