Hat’s for days!!

         When It comes to winter accessories the head is the main feature, but before you can rock the look let us educate ourselves on the right terminology first. Come on, we need to know our onions when looking for the right look, don’t you agree? – Kennis is mag (knowledge is power my English flower) Here are my top 6 must-be-familiar-with hats this season.

1.  The Beret:

this is made of a softer material, a rimless cap with a tight headband topped with a full flat top. Think French, think Blair Waldorf.

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2. Boater:

this is an easy one, look at the name it says summer right? so this will be a straw hat with a stiff flat crown and brim.

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Staying on the boater inspired hat:  a black one is a must have this winter ladies

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3. cloche

This is a high crowned, close fitting hat with a very small brim or no brim at all – my opinion: inspired by a horse riding helmet and super sophisticated. This is a very elegant hat and might be tricky to pull it off but they are fabulous for those la-di-da feeling days. Add some colour to the lips and make sure the hair is done to perfection – no frizz and no split ends!!

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4. Bowler

This style can be defined by a round crown and a small, rolled-up brim. It is close to the boater just instead of a flat brim this one is rolled – fashion opinion? on point! Celebs like Tayler Swift and Julianne Hough have been seen rocking this trend.

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5. Fedora

This is normally a soft felt hat with a rolled up brim and a crease in the crown (top part of the hat)  also called a Homburg. 

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6. Panama Hat

This hat is super trendy, it has a deep creased crown with a wide brim which is turned up at the back, also a floppy hat or wide brim hat.

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I love hats every season they seem to get bigger and better my tips for this season: black, grey, burgundy floppy hats are a must. A boater is perfect for summer and also the fedora. When it comes to getting the right shape for you’re face, you will read a million pages saying “hat’s for you’re face shape” But seriously do we all know our face shapes to be a fact? No we don’t so read it or don’t, go to any store try them on and play around with this trend to find the best shape and fit for yourself. Take along you’re most opinionated girlfriend for that honest feedback and enjoy.

Bye-bye bad hair-day, Hello fashionable accessories.


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