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Leather – YES!!

So when I say leather it’s not a reference back to the days you watched friends and laughed at Ross trying to get out of his pair yelling ” lotion and powder only make a paste” or the woman working at the red light district late at night while you pass by on you’re route pub crawling – don’t be jealous, no, I’m lying its a good time eat your heart out. Anyway, when I say leather I mean fashion forward, classy, all season round looks that will keep you on point all the time, my only problem is that they are so hard to find.

Leather shorts:

It is absolutely trendy, all shapes and sizes can rock this look. It doesn’t have to be a tight pair if you are not that comfortable with tight pants, try a loose fit (loose = sports inspired = trend = fashionably on point) If you have killer legs go for a tight pair, add a nice top some heals and take the look from day to night. It is also great for winter just add stockings, boots, jacket and a scarf and there you go.

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leather casual wear:

The big thing to remember when wearing leather: it is a staple piece already! Don’t over kill the look by adding to much drama, best way to wear leather pants is to keep it simple try these ideas:

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Leather for work:

Naturally like mostly everything I buy I try to find multiple functions and wear-opportunities for an item and yes , leather pants also made the cut: add some heals, a peplum top, blazer, blouse, or anything else you regard as suitable for work, with your skintight look of sexiness and done –  you will have everyone ooo-ing and aaahhh-ing and even a hint of damn gurl moments at work.

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Have a bit of a curve?

If Beyoncé could use you as an inspiration for a song and a new word then why are you not able to rock this trend? Like I always say it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Try a tight pair – leggings inspired, with a higher hemline at the top to flatten out those love handles and pair it with a shirt that skims below the bum to balance out the body, pair with a small heal to elongate those legs and you will surely be the center of attention when you enter the room. Still not sure? if Kim K can wear it ,so can you:

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Not so tight:

The beauty of fashion is the fact that there will always be inspiration in the unexpected places this year it is sports inspired and active wear, this is great because it gives you an excuse to go out in yoga pants – just joking please don’t do that. But even leather pants are super trendy in this style:


So now you know why I love the leather look at the moment, if only our shops had them…

So I am still looking for my perfect pair but believe me when I find it you will be the first to know. So join me in this trend making it 50 shades of fabulous and not so grey…


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