Makeup make over

 I’m probably the most opinionated person when it comes to make-up: Some girls just think more is more well yes honey more is more – or- less the reason you look like a circus clown… even though I didn’t study it,I think I have a bit of a talent and know what I’m doing,  if it’s okay to float my own boat… Some girls are so beautiful they don’t need make-up, but sometimes even the Grinch wants to be invited to a pretty party.

Being blessed with an older sister who, if I might add, studied make-up and taught me most of the skills with assistance from Pinterest naturally – probably the coolest thing ever #obsessed.

My best friend, Chanel, is probably my biggest supporter and client – free if I might add, but she’s so cute how can you charge? Whether it is for a day out or a wedding its always hair and make-up for this one and if she can have a braid to add she is sold on any look…

10369919_10153026368598255_9163002009349780384_n[1] 10616006_10153225143763255_842679631019386911_n[1]

Then came the matric farewell (prom for the Americans) and my friend phoned saying his cousin will be coming down from J’burg and needs someone to do her make-up, I couldn’t say no not because I had to do it, no because making someone look and feel beautiful is truly not only my passion, but my life…That being said I had to do two girls in one day back to back, bit of a rush but it came out perfect, even if I say so myself.

10653804_10152736345083255_966644638798121908_n[1] 10437680_10152736344188255_8668890310319918865_n[1]

Being Pinterest obsessed I saw a pic were they use the natural colours on they the eye lid and the pop of colour on the bottom part, so I thought Hey, let’s try this look and I love it – add a merlot lip and I was sold. Playing with colour is a fun way of adding drama to the face without looking completely overdone. Do a natural lip if you are afraid of looking to dramatic – I’m a bit of a drama queen so I ‘m not scared to play around. 


Tip: Do a colour that emphasizes you’re natural eye colour – make your eyes the main feature. Brown eyes – try a purple or green, blue/green – lucky!! you can try any colour I love a light blue or a mixed green to bring out the green in my eyes. The trend at the moment in make- up is to keep it natural, so If natural is a bit of a bored try this trick I promise you will love it.

So yes that’s just a little bit of what I have done, naturally I will gladly give more tips on how I do it. But my nr 1 tip for girls eager to learn how to apply make-up to their own face, on days when you are bored grab you’re make up brushes and play around. You might look like a scarecrow first but that’s how we learn. You don’t need to spend millions on decent brushes either Clicks (South Africans) have cute easy to use sets for any girl.

PS Believe it or not I am a firm believer in natural beauty so I have taken on the challenge of going to work without make-up for a week and drinking a lot of water to get my natural glowing skin back and giving my skin an opportunity to breath – wish me luck and I will keep you posted.


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