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Boyfriend <3 jeans…


 I have this habit of buying a new pair of jeans and wearing them until I know their time is over #RIP, but my boyfriend jeans are different for two reasons: 1. it’s the closest thing I have to a boyfriend… 2. It is probably the coolest thing since someone invented Nutella – my second love.

When asking my best friend what she thinks I should wear her answer will always be “anything with you’re boyfriend jean – when you wear it, it just does something for me” obviously in a non-I-want-to-rip-them-off-in-the-bedroom kind of way. So I would say yes I love my boyfriend jean and maybe I’m a world champion at styling them for myself (thank you pinterest). So that is why I decided to inspire you to get yourself a boyfriend asap.

1. It Goes with a croptop:

Take it from Rihanna or Kylie Jenner the boyfriend jean is perfect for the crop-top lovers too. If showing the entire midriff scares you (join my small club) then do it in a peek-a-boo kind of way.

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2. Pair them with a t- shirt

If the crop top has gone over you’re head, try a simple look with a t-shirt. It can be fitted or oversized too. Be careful when doing the oversize on oversize look – you don’t want to look super size do you? Do a little tuck away in the front to prevent you from looking sloppy, pair it with a flat or a sexy heel.

51359de2fcfb132dd28c5c8db59360bd[1] 6d7ca395c582eada9b725f1a03b2885e[1]b05ddf734a102abd9c625f1afe7d1c6a[2]

3. Even try a fancy nancy look.

You can dress it up with a fancier shirt, heels, add a hat and a fabulous bag, then you take it from day to night. Sparkles, Boobtubes (fitted and a bit of attitude) loose shirt and hat- #amazeballs.

30d7a82a4e8d623fe6d4df88e466bba4[1] 9dc0a70f02ba0b8a57b5ce99f9064de4[1] 796bf583a6f8b835f2a7ca5c10f82477[1]

4. Did I mention add a blazer?

So yes we all know the male inspired look is on point, do you think blazer and boyfriend jean will be over kill?? NOT AT ALL – only if you remember fit is key. nr1. Do a fitted blazer, loose shirt and the boyfriend if you are blessed with a bit more of a curve. nr 2. If you are a skinny little thang (springkaan)  with no hips you can even do oversize on oversize.

462956618620ed11bbbb6b48eb7861ed[1] ca8f60bc18ea1628ad715d25792e6854[1] d52f13c873310401f88ebe55b39d69ae[2] 21c73f4681b0c0de8d3792fe366f820b[1]

5. Going to work but still so obsessed with the jeans -do it.

You can totally make this look more sophisticated with button up shirts, heels or flats, blazers (like previously mentioned) anything goes if it is styled correctly. Some Ideas:

f532890f222973f2a4f2b88e15bc74fb[1] f3464bf87a7af4b20ebbe82fda4e7102[1] d8f384d560f3a0828daed74f49b466e3[1]

6. Its cold, Its like  yoga pants, just add something warm.

So if you are like me and decided not to get a boyfriend for winter – don’t fear the boyfriend jean is like having one without the hassle or drama of it. Oversized is perfect for winter for a comfy, laid-back I-just-threw-this-on-and-still-look-fabulous look. Or add a hat – I am truly deeply and madly obsessed with hats this year I even hear myself explaining to the ladies in the store I have a hat head – so it  just has to happen for me. Bad hair days – what kind? anyway hats will be a post for another day.

e5e5bfc84b40a351fafea85e7adeec05[1] 504210bdf13772f8cedc8d16fa6d27ba[1] 28579e442fd0a85107260319b232b219[2]

7. It goes with any shoe:

Whether you are a sandal girl on a cold summer nights, need a high heel to feel super sexy or want to do a boot for winter. The boyfriend jean is unlike any boyfriend- it can compromise to suit you’re needs. Don’t believe me well I call this proof:

7.1 with flats

619d867ec7fecb42896bebeec9d7d66e[1] 826e8065900a144982c9b00ab860e526[1] 3d1af3ade002877d3fed2693daa9577e[1]

7.2 With a strappy heel

124a8bf0ebe6931346a18c28ba4c70a0[1] 73b819857fec2bd93634425842032fb8[2] b9ac78de364b6fdd2cebd09904e72301[1]

7.3 Some more heels

8d62200e422a1e215888aeaf58bcfd99[1] 67356ff8a2a55a85281b1acf7038b6d2[1] 402491fce50468cb47707affbb6bf988[1]

7.4 Paired with boots

e408f811f3b76b9caef1053e346e66ca[1] 3da6609d28effa1d452b4df74d961cf3[1] 9ce27557f6241edd183839c4781aa917[1]

So in my opinion the boyfriend jean is a must for any girl, luckily they are all over the show so head on down to any store to find the perfect one for you. I found my boyfriend at Foschini News jeans @R450.00.

Let me introduce you to my boyfriend also known as my uniform or go-to look.

10906364_10152947662788255_3905158333922264283_n[1] 10940436_10153009623958255_7372124755560014910_n[1]



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