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Trend Alert: Dungaree’s / overalls


  Trend Alert ladies the overall or the dungaree, call it what you like it doesn’t matter this is still a trend. I know trends are mostly like the electricity in South Africa (at the moment) : the one moment you’re on and the next its a black out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A trend can last as long as you want it to it’s all about the styling.

Summer time its short, loose and even a print will do.

1. Play around with a plain shirt cropped or even a button up paired with short dungarees.

2. A printed dungaree is also an option, naturally you can pair it with another print (print on print is huge – but be careful to overdo it on to many trends all at once it’s never a good idea.)

3. Curvy girls: this is perfect even if you feel a little bigger than the average I-don’t-eat-to-fit-in-clothes size -12 girl walking next to you. The fit  is the most important part: look for a dungaree loose around the leg, not to wide but also not slimming to much. Find a dungaree that is tighter around the child baring hips to ensure that the pooch (I have one too) is pressed down for a flat tummy look. If the top “flap” of the dungaree is a bit more narrow and not straight from the shorts part up, you can set the illusion of a small waist.

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For Fall/ Autumn:

It might get a bit cold outside, but no need to run to the store for a long length overall (if you don’t want to) but if you are a shopping slut like me then you will go out and buy the longer length as well.

1. If wearing the shorts just add a long sleeve shirt, a blazer and you are set to go.

2. add a plain t-shirt with a denim overall, but good news if denim is a bore you can find it black, white, printed or plain nude.(we will get to the nude and white a bit later)

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Bring on Winter and the cold:

Never fear even when winter is near,  so easy listen up: stay in bed a bit longer, finally get up. Put on that make- up tie up the hair, grab a shirt, add you’re dungaree, cover the neck with a scarf, get you’re fabulous boots/ heels or pumps and there you go. If you decided you only need you’re pair of overall in shorts just add stockings and hello winter…

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Work attire:

When heading to the office, you never want to look bad or unprofessional, but still want to be fashion forward? Well guess what even this trend can be dressed up: oh so la-di-da…

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Where to find it?

I’m a cheap shopper at heart and yes you can go to YDE, Cotton On, Zara (Love of my life), Woolworth and the list goes on. For me I find with a trend don’t be shy to NOT spend to much money It’s not like it is a timeless piece like a pencil skirt. Its a trend, so my best bet is Mr Price. –

Black Dungaree   – R179.99

Dark Denim dungaree – R229.99

Light denim Dungaree (4 Different shapes and styles) – R149.99 to R229.99

Short Denim Dungaree – 129.99

One shop and so many different ones to choose from that beats walking around the entire day – you are so welcome!




3 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Dungaree’s / overalls

    1. Hi, there best bet will be Mr Price (check their online store – most of them are sold out though, but the boilersuits are coming into style) and then they will gladly help you and tell you at what store they still have stock.
      Zando also has a few of them, problem is you need to know what your size is. But if you like the boiler suit as well Mr Price can help

      Zando has a short one from Rip Curl:

      Hope that helps a little I have a klient I need to go shop for this weekend and I will be on the lookout for them just for you.


    2. Hi Mo, so I have been searching for a white dungaree and good news I FOUND ONE for you… Foschini has an all white collection and went there yesterday (Tyger Valley) they have a few of the white denim ones. I have a pic I can email you: you can then go to any Foschini close by and ask for it.


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