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skirts for days

So winter is coming sooner than we think and this I’m not judging only by the change in the weather or the snot dripping from my nose (TMI – I don’t care, I’m the one sulking, sneezing and sniffing) but you can also tell by the change in woman’s fashion sense.

Yes we become lazy, I mean who wants to stand around naked looking for something to wear and end up looking cute? no we want comfy, warm and fabulously girly… even when that’s the idea we end up looking comfy, warm and anything but girly. So lets make this our winter for skirts, who will join me? I’m not saying only skirts but lets be feminine most of the time.

Ever heard of adding stockings to an outfit? If you have been working on those fine legs and not ready to hide them try wearing you’re favorite mini with stockings and boots or  pumps. Try a bit of a flared skirt with a little bit more structure to stay on the trend watch (feathered and sequenced minis are everywhere) but if the tight mini is more the vibe you feel you can rock that to. I love the summer dress paired with a jacket, stockings and boots just so my dresses don’t get lonely during winter.

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The mini skirt trends this winter:

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If you feel the mini skirt is not completely you’re vibe, don’t stress the mid-length is classy, on trend and also super wearable for those in between to cold days.

for the tight and figure hugging look:

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or try the vintage inspired look with a structured mid length skirt: I’m obsessed (and you can even add you’re crop top if parting from it still gets you down)

7586a0b1fbcdff357b96f47e32561c69[1] b2cced61550dd5e3660de168ee31c40b[1] 83c7a1573fed0e59fcd8fb2dd2b751f6[1] f75eefd138230743f703c86c5015758f[1]

We can always rock a maxi skirt during winter – I know this one is old news, but think about it the next time you grab you’re leggings, jersey and scarf…

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Lets talk my favorite trend right now: finding you’re inner ballerina and wearing the tutu or tutu inspired skirt. Well Probably not suited for all ages but use it as an inspiration for a more flowing and structured bell skirts this season or if  you feel like Carrie Bradshaw and go all out.

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I think now we have a little bit more inspiration to not only wear our jeans and legging, but keep it feminine and cute with a skirt – I will be one to wear my skirts more often! (watch out  for my skirt wearing posts, at least once a week – first let me sulk and sniff )



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