only direction


Last night we put on our best merchandised shirts /leggings and went to the One Direction show in Cape Town, to start off with I’m not the biggest fan but let me just say to all the midnight memories, the story of our lives and the you and I’s: my voice has left the building, my dreams where filled with the boys and it was the best night ever shared with a head bang incident, being asked for ID’s (compliment much? Stopit) and too many laughs to count!

So lets break the boys down for a perving session 101

Starting with Zain Malik this poor little 22 year old so privileged had to leave the group due to stress and “wanting to live a normal life as a 22 year old” but still made it possible to release his debut single?? I call bullshit!! Cheers big ears and I’m saying that with a smile.


Mister Niall Horan born September 13 (also a virgo – so much in common) is a true rocker at heart he is a singing guitar playing talent, that is no maybe. His Justin Bieber hair ( before the drugs and when the hair flip was considered “cool”)  bounced in the Cape Town wind, he might be short but who really cares? Maybe a little to young but he can make even the plainest of Jane’s panty drop. Good boy looks and maybe a little bit of a mommy’s boy, so personally not for me. But hey I’m still looking and liking.


Louis Tomlinson the oldest in the group born in December this cute kid loves the wifebeater and has a few sexy tattoos -note to Louis: buff a bit, the arms looks better then 😉 actor? Hahaha why yes this one appeared as an extra in an ITV drama Fat Friends. Playful on stage and looks a bit like a prankster so he could be fun. Another fun fact: He is a big Ed Sheeran fan so I think: wine, cheese and listening to the music together,  while I stare at that pretty boy face the entire time. Creepy? I know but you were thinking it and I just said it.


The scruffy Hollywood badboy always ready for a party with those dimples really needs no introduction at all!! Known for working through the Hollywood starlets as if they are a few beads for his new handmade chain.he has so much fun on stage, he goes into a little zone and when those fingers stroke those locks be sure to cue the screams of his lady fans. But lets be real or try to  convince ourselves this: if he was just a normal guy  on the street will you look twice?? Think about it… nope scrap that YES YOU WILL, we all love the badboys! Cue the ripped jeans, the crop tops , A-symmetrical haircut and you have a winner! Just take a look for yourself:


Liam Payne – I call shotgun!!! Done, sold, sign him, seal him and deliver him so lekker I can’t even deal right now. Apparently he was bullied at a young age and started boxing, well it just so happens that I am a world champion wrestler… I see a bed, wrestling and maybe even a pillow fight!! Just look at him? How can you not want to take him home?


Another fun fact: He likes them a little older…. #SOLD!!

Okay enough now with the perving comments it all just came down to four great looking young men who just so happen to entertain the living daylights out of a few (1000’s) of young girls.

let me just enjoy my tween moment while it lasts before I return to my much simpler life.



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