just a thought

So my mom wanted to enter me in a modelling  competition thing.. yes, I’m 24 and yes my mom still thinks I’m the prettiest girl on the face of the earth…

So sitting at work and the phone rang, as I answered,  the lady with a soft and humble voice said “haai Huidrie, so ons het jou inskrywing ontvang en jy is beeldskoon, maar figuur gewys kort ons iemand met ‘ n bietjie meer van ‘n sitvlak” so in a nutshell she said no because I don’t have an ass???


My life has been a lie: here I was thinking my ass can feed a small African village but no, not even a village of small ants will survive…#firstworldproblems

So my mission was to find something to wear to prove I have a little junk in my trunk too (yes she will start showing due  to my squat-crazy phase taking over my ass -note to self; this is not fun). Not to sound strange but girls, I found a dress a Legit one (haha I love a good pun-if you live in South Africa hopefully you got my joke;  if not the shops is called Legit)


see?? I’m so impressed and the best part of this whole thing: the dress was R80.00. So mission completed without breaking the bank… now to find a date to wear this to!?

#notsosimple haha



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