Going Bridal

Today I woke up and thought maybe it is time to share one special day with you:

My first ever really important shoot where I did the hair.

Firstly, as you know I never studied hair so for me this was huge and quite intimidating. My friend makes the most gorgeous accessories and was asked to do a shoot for a well known Cape Town Wedding designer, she contacted me after seeing my self-did-updo’s on my instagram and boom the ball started rolling.

The day started with Cape Town showing off with its beautiful weather, but what would it be without a hick up along the way? We met up at the photographer’s house planning on leaving together, one of the models were suppose to meet us there, but she was a no show. Stressing to find someone I thought of my best friend, skinny bitch if I might add, and perfect for acting like a model. We went out the previous night and she left long after me so figured she was hanging hence her not answering once. So still stressed about that we left for the venue to find our second model already busy with make up. We decided to fit her in one of the dresses – the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and guess what? I did not fit!! so now we have one model, 4 dresses and they don’t fit.

While stressed out we tried the dress on EVERYONE from the lady of the venue, to me the not-so-much-model-material girl doing the hair… By then we started running out of time so I had to start hair in a dress semi on semi not:


Luckily Chanel finally woke up and said she’s in for the shoot and on her way, Veronique posted on facebook that we need another model and guess what? the beauty of facebook gave us our third model. With all the drama and laughs the shoot ended with great success and Chanel and I decided to do some pizza and wine at this beautiful venue.

The venue: Brennaissance, Stellenbosch.

It was truly a place for a magical moment, with its own chapel on the grounds (just typing this the sound of one of the models singing – “We’re going to the chapel and we’re gona get married” came back to me) but have a look for yourself, go a visit their website at

 1503563_841475082580384_3354763177600101760_n[1] 10931393_821032327957993_540853462318318220_n[1]

20150117_092841 20150117_09290913689_841040245957201_4404450132489168316_n[1] 20150117_092936

The photographer: Veronique Photography.

Such a beautiful person and her photos: wow! Check out her facebook page for any queries.

11046781_962389967127627_1314592488477355681_n[1] 10368268_966629516703672_2185620770086108326_n[1]

Hair Accessories: Made by Marnell Nortje

This girl is a walking blessing it is thanks to her that I had the opportunity to do this shoot and the handmade crafts are breath taking. So for all the brides be sure to contact her for you’re own special handmade hair piece.

10629295_10204933667640978_3042668785045715361_o[1] 10993073_955549261145031_1216866306889439743_n[1] 10480145_955550087811615_8397940768653752590_n[1] 11025132_955548584478432_3825794752271208636_n[1] 10394653_955549291145028_8347796584209029441_n[1]20150117_15032620150117_141032

Make up artist: Pipa Cross

1011691_10152773568183501_8933317845356900384_n[1] 11046745_955549897811634_5047465178882074047_n[1] 10446235_955548361145121_3278329070796749743_o[1] 10407308_955549121145045_7209403873686049640_n[1]

The Dresses: Elizabeth Stockenstrom

11043228_955550521144905_1345974884603653068_n[1] 11021315_955548891145068_8524805083660593758_o[1]11046735_955550247811599_4144443191678895737_o[1]

Hair: Huidrie Marais aka me

20150326_173641 20150117_143406 20150117_113607 20150117_141032

              So that’s my not so little flashback Friday to an amazing experience and an amazing day spent with everything beautiful, from the ladies, to the venue, to the personalities and naturally the wine.

keeping life simple



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