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Dont choke

   So today 21 weeks ago I called it: This 90’s trend will be making a come back and low and behold to all the haters saying “90’s called they want their choker back?” or the “why are you wearing that?” to them I say Honey, it’s called a trend spot and now you’re following it #bitchplease.


Ok so now that I have that off my chest lets talk about it: It is something so simple and can be dressed down for the hippie vibe or you can find you’re inner Elizabeth Taylor for a more glamorous look.

So for the chilled, hipster vibe try to layer them with longer pieces (layering you’re necklaces are also spot on in the trend category) or keep it simple with a single choker vibe. Add a love cut strappy’s top, a plain t-shirt and jeans to keep this look effortless and trendy.

ccf8cbc02c9c49c0180595fe31635a2e[1] 3b8fa2f3820160bcd693e27a3567dd75[1] a731ab9287ef2442e89c8841c533443c[1] cad9ec88df0c3c7a34c9290e27a86575[1]

If you don’t feel you are comfortable enough for the layers or the younger styled chocker find you’re inner princess and take inspiration from none other than Dianna for a more sophisticated look. Try pearls, lace or detailed chockers’ they are super fabulous.

aade4a3354f62e9bb4010b9f6430320b[1] 2bcc779aace2a4945b54041af82234dd[1] 83490a774673340fc8ca3be49528aaed[1]

Still think it is just an old trend? Well one trend setter namely Rihanna is obsessed with this trend and of coarse the trend follower herself Kim Kardashian famous for nothing but still able to have girls call her a fashion icon (matter of opinion I guess – me not such a big fan of her, but I am of the trend) both rock this trend quite often.

23f891b348255e791ca6d61de833f6c1[1] 62c39e64b38ae87c15b54612419ebd92[1] 65badd6e98db2a850fb1cb570283c81e[1] 6740ce390f5e3473f226bc0553fd360d[1] fa2dfa6754d0f3fe13a4fad8575b3f6b[1] b2079e15b6730836826745a2301a10fd[1]

There is also a new twist to the choker that I might add I’m obsessed with it, more of a collar chocker:

3a0629c9c7161a1590362610c09ac955[1] 33a7e3a167d348892b4b1f566cc35842[1] 20800665e58b088669a9bab96d479a60[1]

And that is my trend to watch for the week…

it’s that simple




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