5 days- 5 hair styles

efad859cbadea7c7630aafdf0eca0286[1]We all think we have bad hair days but most of the time we are just to lazy to spend that extra 5minutes making our hair look as fabulous as our outfits. I decided to take this week and time myself in the morning when doing my hair: I will have you know ALL these styles took me 5 minutes or less so no more excuses girls!!

Monday: Usually the busiest day of the week for me at work and I wanted an easy go to style. I am obsessed with braids so naturally a braid was done. Now when doing this look, be prepared to be in an awkward position for the first 2 minutes.

Step 1: brush you’re hair out (like I said in an previous post I am in love with the wet brush).

Step 2: throw you’re head forward facing down and have you’re hair hanging in front of you.

step 3: start with a French braid from the back and follow through till halfway up your head.

step 4: take the rest of the hair and lift you’re head on up to make a messy bun… The result?

IMG_2678 IMG_2691

So having two jobs and I worked super late Monday night Tuesday came and I wasn’t really in the mood to do my hair, but I did an easy look for the day!

Step 1: make a half pony not to high and not to low

step 2: turn the pony inside out, this will just give you a little bit of volume from the front and have the rest of the hair hanging down.

IMG_2706 IMG_2703

Mid week came sooner than I thought so being closer to Friday and in a good mood I thought lets do another braid day:

step1: make sure you have a pretty girl side path.

step 2: start the French braid from the side and move all the way around to the other side using all the hair. Finish the braid and tie it up.

step 3: roll the  tied up braid to form a bun on the side and done you are.


Now enter the day standing in the way of my Friday. I woke up on Thursday morning wanting to feel like a real lady so I thought the best way to do so is do a stylish bun.

step 1: make sure you have 2 elastics, bobby pins and a donut (sock bun) Clicks have 3 different sizes and for the first time in a really long time my hair can cover the biggest one #longhairhereicome.

step 2: make a high-ish ponytail and make sure from the front the hair has a little bit of volume but still slicked back.

step 3: take the pony tail and pull it through the donut.

step 4: split the hair from the middle out and make sure to cover the entire donut take the second elastic and tighten the hair around the donut.

step 5: Tuck the ends under the donut and the second elastic to make sure it is only the bun showing and that you don’t look like a feathered peacock.

step 6: if you have layers, like me, a few of the hair might stand up add some hair spray and a bobby pin where needed. Finish it off with some more hair spray and you are good to go.

IMG_2710 IMG_2713

Fun-Friday has finally arrived and being as this is my favorite day of the week I decided to do my favorite hairstyle. All you need (if you have a long bob):

a headband, bobbypins and hair spray.

step1:brush you’re hair and part the hair- either side part or part it in the middle, that is entirely up to you.

step 2: connect with you’re inner hippie and place the headband over you’re head like a crown.

step 3: tuck the hair under the headband all the way to the back from both sides.

step 4: roll the last part up to cover the headband at the back and use bobby pins to secure the hair.  Add hair spray or even a cute clip above the updo to make it you’re own.

IMG_2694 IMG_2695 IMG_2696 IMG_2698 IMG_2699

I do believe you don’t need to be classified as a “poppie” or be a professional hair stylist (I surely am none of thee above) to take the time to make yourself feel and look special. If it only takes 5min to change you’re mood and image about yourself for the next 23hours and 55 minutes of the day, why not use it?

Just keep it simple 😉



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