Trench it out!!

Winter is starting to creep up on us over the beautiful Table mountain and for some reason the woman in this country tend to become lazy when it comes to fashion, but there is a solution for this my lovely’s – the trench coat.

so firstly get your colour right: I would say find a beige one if you are not sure what will work with you’re wardrobe – it goes with everything and anything, if you are more outgoing with you’re fashion choices go for colour and be bold, be fabulous.

6c83bc09446c27e63c158e53f92cb489The cut is just as important:

  1. For a long trench go for one that ends at the calf, but if you feel uncomfortable in that  just above the knee is a perfect cut too. To our fashionistas who don’t like anything long: the cropped trench is the perfect cut for you. I would do both just because I can…

The trend: at the moment the trend with the trench is sleeveless, referred to as a vest and yes you might think what’s the point? But ladies it makes it even more fun to play with and to be able to wear it is so many different ways.

My top 3 reasons why this is a must for all girls:

1. Wear it as a dress: take a belt throw it around you’re waist, add a pair of fabulous shoes and there you go effortlessly fabulous.

2. No  time to change? put on you’re favorite party dress or mini skirt add a plain t-shirt, those sexy heels and the sleeveless coat to add sophistication for your day look. When you leave the office drop the trench on the back seat and you are ready to hit the town.

3. Perfect for layers: winter it is all about the layers so how about a  plain button down shirt, covered with a jersey and the sleeveless trench for flair. add a scarf or a neck piece and u are ready to go.


46ddb718cb4f6d071c9f1d0b3d516187 5076cf6f13f2c4983334c2b85766bda6 6c83bc09446c27e63c158e53f92cb489

We all know when it comes to fashion Victoria Beckham will always be an icon for all generations and guess who has been loving the sleeveless trench?


Need any more reasons to go to the store right now and get you’re hands on you’re new best friend? I know I don’t so next time you see me  in public looking very la-di-da in my coat  – eat you’re heart out…

another stamp of approval from me.



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